Breaking Glass Sets December Home Release Dates for ‘The Dunes,’ ‘The Snowman Trek’

Indie film distributor Breaking Glass Pictures has set a Dec. 3 release date for The Dunes on DVD and VOD, and a Dec. 10 release date for The Snowman Trek on DVD only.

The Dunes is a psychological thriller that follows a recent divorcee as he struggles to retain his parental rights, and sanity, when his ex-wife announces her intention to move to the West Coast. His past demons ultimately push him past the point of no return, where he will confront the monster he has tried to hide his whole life.

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The film is directed by Grant Mohrman, and stars Ele Bardha, Barton Bund, and Aidan Callahan.

The Snowman Trek follows a team of ultra-marathon runners and their journey to Bhutan in hopes of setting a speed record on the world’s hardest trek.

However, the Himalayan landscape isn’t very welcoming and its inhabitants must be persuaded to let the runners pursue their dream.

The Snowman Trek was released as a national Fathom event on over 400 screens.

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The 2018 film was directed by Ben Clark, and also stars Timothy Olson and Anna Frost.