VET Tv Launches First Non-Scripted Reality TV Show

VET Tv, a subscription streaming service aimed at active military, will release its first-ever non-scripted reality TV show on July 8.

“Veterans Laughing Together” is filled with the streamer’s signature dark humor and irreverence, VET Tv says. The show shines the spotlight on eight American heroes and Purple Heart recipients. It consists of eight episodes and will run for eight consecutive weeks starting July 8.

“This is a first-of-its-kind show with eight amazing Purple Heart recipients,” said Donny O’Malley, the retired Marine Captain and former Wounded Warrior who launched VET Tv in 2017. “They’ve been hit, they’ve been traumatized and they’ve seen and experienced all of the worst that war has to offer, yet because of the level of trust they have in us, they tell their stories to our audience in a way that very few people ever get to see or hear. You’ll hear about the physical trauma they all experienced in combat, and the injustices that followed. They experienced the worst of it, yet they have this unbelievable sense of irreverence and they’re still able to laugh about it all, and that’s why we chose them.”

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The first episode features Marine Corps Corporal Paul Gardner, who was left paralyzed from the waist down after a bullet severed his spinal cord during a firefight in Iraq. Gardner was wounded during the initial 2003 invasion of Iraq when his platoon was engaged in a firefight with more than 100 Fedayeen Fighters in the Baghdad suburb of Al Tarymiah. While reloading his rifle, an enemy fighter took advantage of the situation and fired off a burst with his AK47 assault rifle, with one of the bullets entering just under Gardner’s left armpit. The bullet destroyed his spleen, collapsed his left lung and completely severed his spinal cord, instantly and permanently leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, “yet Gardner’s re-telling of the story leaves the entire group laughing and crying,” VET Tv says.

“Veterans Laughing Together is the 18th original series created by VET Tv, also known as Veteran Television. Based in Carlsbad, Calif., the service says it “sets out to re-create, parody and celebrate the military experience for those who served. It uses dark and irreverent comedy to recreate the post-9/11 military veteran experience.