Arrow Announces April Lineup of Horror Films, Shorts on Its Streaming Service

Horror label Arrow Video on April 1 announced the April 2024 lineup of its subscription-based Arrow platform, available to subscribers in the United States, Canada, the UK and Ireland. The films range from curations to shorts by new talent and deep dives into the tastes of groundbreaking filmmakers.

The Arrow streaming site can be found here.  Subscriptions are $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

The first curation, launching April 5, is “Regional Horror,” featuring horror films made outside the Hollywood studio system. Titles include Regional Bloodshed, Dark August, and The Driller Killer.

Next up, on April 12, is “Bad Magic,” featuring Wizard of Gore, The End of Man, and The Boxer’s Omen.

Also on April 12, Arrow will serve up four new shorts:

  • Arm: After the break-up of her relationship, Katharine finds herself alone and miserable in the middle of the pandemic. With isolation madness taking hold, she buys herself a companion — a boyfriend pillow. It’s an impulse purchase she may come to regret.
  • Meat Friend: An ex-con, a sentient pile of hamburger meat (voiced by Steve Johanson), teaches after-school lessons to a child (Marnie McKendry) in this absurdist comedic short film directed by festival favorite Izzy Lee. Nominated for a 2023 Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Short Film. 
  • BLEEP!: Jason and Clara are stuck in a rut. They have the same argument every single night; their relationship is on the brick of dying. One particular night they awake to a strange bleep. Determined to find the mysterious sound they search the house. 
  • Bad Acid: A wild exploration of the realm where ego, fitness and vanity collide.

On April 15, Arrow will stream “Don Coscarelli Selects,” featuring films selected by the famed indie filmmaker best known for the Phantasm films. Selections include Basket Case, The Woman, and The Crazies.

Launching April 19 is “Sick Film Never Dies,” featuring Behind Convent Walls, The Awakening of the Beast, and A Serbian Film.

On April 20, Weed Day, Arrow will stream “Blaze It,” featuring Reefer Madness, Bad Acid, and The Hooked Generation.

On April 26 comes “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” a collection of films about tearaway teens, chilling children and killer kids. Titles include Hell High, The Child, and The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch.

The lineup wraps up on April 30 with 1982’s Basket Case, the feature debut of director Frank Henenlotter. Basket Case is a riotous and blood-spattered “midnight movie” experience, now presented for the first time  in 4K.


Arrow’s December 2023 SVOD Lineup Includes Horror

The Arrow streaming subscription service rings in the Holiday Season Dec. 1 with Happy Horror-days!, a collection of Cult films that are set around the holidays or feature characters up to their knees in snow.

Also Dec. 1, subscribers can enjoy some martial arts takedowns in a new double bill.

Once Upon a Chinese Hero Kickboxer: While master Wong Fei Hung is away traveling, the impulsive Lau Zhai (Yuen Biao), an initiate into Wong’s kung fu school, begins wandering town. He soon allies with police chief Panther, in order to offer assistance in toppling an opium distribution ring.

Ninja Hunter: Wu Tang villain, Abbot White, wants to destroy the Shaolin monks and become a supreme martial artist. In order to do so, he teams up with a clan of Ninjas, led by three masters — gold lamé ninja, white mustachioed ninja and black ninja — and succeeds in destroying the Shaolin temple and most of its inhabitants. However, there are some survivors. It’s their job to pass on the knowledge of the Shaolin finger jab to a new generation, who must defeat the ninjas and Abbott White, if peace and order is to be restored.

Gala Avary Selects Vol. II: Gala Avary (producer of the Video Archives podcast and host of The Gala Show) invites viewers to enjoy 20 new hand-picked Arrow Selects. Titles include Bloody Birthday, Lady Morgan’s Vengeance and The Initiation.

Dec. 15, dig into a cinematic holiday feast with No Sense and No Money: The Seijun Suzuki Collection. “I make movies that make no sense and no money,”Seijun Suzuki said of his own work, but what fun is ‘sense’ compared to surreal, unforgettable and influential Yakuza movies?
Although unappreciated at the time, especially by Nikkatsu, the studio that fired him after calling his masterpiece Branded To Kill “nonsense,” Suzuki left behind a legacy of work unlike any other. His films made indelible impressions on filmmakers such as Jim Jarmusch and Quentin Tarantino. Arrow presents a curated season with titles such as Eight Hours of Terror, The Boy Who Came Back and The Sleeping Beast Within.

Also Dec. 15, subscribers in every territory can enjoy a quartet of quests for revenge. 

I Want Him Dead: After his sister is kidnapped and murdered, a gunslinger’s plans for vengeance involve assassinating two generals to prolong the Civil War.

The Four of the Apocalypse: Four petty criminals, three men and a woman, wander through the trackless terrain of the Wild West Utah and are hounded by a sadistic bandit.

El Puro: An alcoholic gunman, hunted down by five pitiless bounty hunters, is sheltered by a saloon dancer. When his enemies kill the girl the outlaw pulls himself together and faces his adversaries and takes his revenge in a final showdown. An interesting take on the reluctant gunfighter theme contains some truly surprising twists.

Wrath of the Wind: This western is set in Valencia, Spain at the end of the 19th century, and stars Terence Hill as a close-mouthed gunslinger. The bad guy is the local landlord and aristocrat, who horribly abuses the laborers in his community.

Dec. 18, for Arrow’s final season of 2023, dive into the demented mind that brought A Wounded Fawn and Jakob’s Wife to audiences.

Travis Stevens Selects: The producer of Cheap Thrills, Jodorowsky’s Dune, We Are Still Here, Buster’s Mal Heart and more, shared: “It was a pleasure diving into the Arrow catalog to pull together a selection of international films that cover everything from sex and violence, to haunted relationships, to tactile science fiction, to alt vampires, to how the hell did that movie ever get made? Basically, everything that makes cinema great, now streaming only on Arrow.” Titles Include No, The Case Is Happy Resolved, Inferno of Torture and Shock.

As December comes to a close, Arrow invites subscribers to celebrate the New Year with some classic Chinese fight epics.

Streaming Dec 29 is Five Fighters from Shaolin: When a monk decides to leave his temple in order to defeat the Chinese Imperial Guards who brutally murdered is fellow monk, he collects five men and trains them to help him fight the guards and an old friend of his — a white-haired wizard. 

The Leg Fighters: Tan, a Northern Chinese kung-fu expert, kills a man using his lethal boot work in self defense. He’s then hired to train a bratty princess and her servant in kung-fu. While, the brother of the man Tan killed is out for revenge and he’ll get him at any cost.

The Arrow platform is available to subscribers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. 

‘Executioner Collection,’ ‘Dunwich Horror’ Among Titles Due on Blu-ray in January From MVD and Arrow

Two Sonny Chiba martial arts masterpieces in The Executioner Collection, The Lucas Moodysson Collection, the martial arts double feature Lady Whirlwind & Hapkido, and the horror flick The Dunwich Horror are being released in January on Blu-ray Disc from Arrow Video and MVD Entertainment Group.

Due Jan. 10 is the limited-edition box set The Executioner Collection, featuring two films with Chiba. The collection features an illustrated collector’s booklet with new writing on the films by Mark Schilling, new audio commentaries featuring Chris Poggiali and Marc Walkow, a 30-minute featurette on Chiba, original trailers and image galleries. In The Executioner, legendary cult director Teruo Ishii joins forces with action superstar Chiba in a tale of classic karate exploitation from Toei. Ryuichi Koga (Chiba) is a descendant of the Koga Ninja school, now earning his living through more nefarious means as a gun for hire. When he is enlisted to take down a drug cartel alongside Hayabusa (Makoto Sato), a disgraced former narcotics detective now operating within the criminal underworld, and renegade Aikido master Sakura (Eiji Gō), tensions grow. Koga returns in The Executioner II: Karate Inferno as the ringmaster of a gang of thieves plotting to steal a priceless jewel from a master criminal.

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Available Jan. 10 is The Dunwich Horror, American International Pictures’ and Roger Corman’s foray into the world of H.P. Lovecraft, directed by Daniel Haller and also the first screenwriting credit for Curtis Hanson, who would later direct the multi-award-winning L.A. Confidential. Newly restored by Arrow from the original 35mm camera negative, The Dunwich Horror features an illustrated collector’s booklet with new writing by film critics Johnny Mains and Jack Sargeant; new audio commentary by Guy Adams and Alexandra Benedict; new interviews with film historian Stephen R. Bissette and horror author Stephen Laws, science fiction and fantasy writer Ruthanna Emrys, and music historian David Huckvale; the original trailer; and image galleries. In the film, Dean Stockwell stars as Wilbur Whateley, a mysterious young man who travels from the small town of Dunwich to the library of Miskatonic University intent on returning with the legendary book of occult lore, the Necronomicon. Graduate student Nancy Wagner (Sandra Dee, in her final film role) falls under Wilbur’s malignant influence and travels back home with him — oblivious to her sacrificial role in a ritual to summon Cthuloid beasts from another dimension.

On Jan. 17, Arrow heads back into the world of martial arts with the Angela Mao double feature Lady Whirlwind & Hapkido. Enter the Dragon producer Raymond Chow discovered the Taiwanese ingenue when she was barely out of the Beijing Opera School. Despite her fresh-faced femininity she became one of Hong Kong’s toughest action icons of the 1970s — due in large part to this one-two punch of martial arts action. The two-disc set features brand new 2K restorations for both films, an illustrated collectors’ booklet featuring new writing on the films by critic James Oliver; commentaries on both films by Frank Djeng, Robert “Bobby” Samuels and Michael Worth; a two-part, new interview with star Angela Mao; archival interviews with Mao, Carter Wong, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao; alternate opening credits; trailers; and image galleries. Lady Whirlwind stars Mao as a young woman dead set on avenging the death of her sister, only to find herself fighting a common enemy alongside the man she wants revenge on. Hapkido, made in the same year as Lady Whirlwind, finds Mao once more pitted against a gang of thugs, alongside soon-to-be kung fu legends Sammo Hung and Carter Wong as disciples of Hapkido, a Korean fighting style, studying under real-life Hapkido grandmasters Ji Han-jae and Hwang In-shik. 

Arrow closes out the month with The Lukas Moodysson Collection. The Jan. 31 release is a limited-edition boxed set featuring all seven narrative films from the director hailed as “a young master” by Ingmar Bergman. Available together for the first time, Moodysson’s eclectic filmography can now be appreciated as the work of a singular filmmaking voice. The six-disc set includes a 200-page hardback book featuring new writing by Peter Walsh, excerpts from the original press kits for each film and essays on Moodysson’s films from a 2014 special issue of the Nordic culture journal Scandinavica. There are new interviews with Lukas Moodysson, actor Alexandra Dahlström, producer Lars Jönsson, editor Michal Leszczylowski, costume designer Denise Östholm, line producer Malte Forssell, script supervisor Malin Fornander, and cinematographer Ulf Brantås. Moodyson’s short films are included, as are the London Film Festival Q&As for Lilya 4-ever and We Are the Best, with trailers. Moodysson’s first film Fucking Åmål (released internationally as Show Me Love), was quickly heralded as a new Queer cinema touchstone and one of the most authentic portrayals of youthful relationships on film. He swiftly followed this with the bittersweet, satirical 1970s-set Together, in which the inhabitants of a commune try to reconcile their ideals with their hearts’ desires. Having made a name for himself as the new master of tragicomic, feel-good humanism, Moodysson suddenly switched gears with a trio of startlingly confrontational works: the hauntingly bleak Lilya 4-ever, the abrasive and semi-improvised A Hole in My Heart and the avant-garde Container, narrated in its English version by Jena Malone. After making his mainstream English-language debut with the expansive Mammoth, starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Michelle Williams, Moodysson returned to his roots with We Are the Best!, the charming and funny tale of three schoolgirls starting a punk band in early-1980s Stockholm.

‘Flatliners’ on 4K, Hong Kong Action Collection Due on Blu-ray in August From Arrow and MVD

The 1990 science-fiction thriller Flatliners and the “Running Out of Time Collection” of Hong Kong action are being released on Blu-ray in August from Arrow Video and MVD Entertainment Group.

Known for his eclectic filmography and for helping to launch the careers of several young Hollywood stars of the ’80s and ’90s, Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys, St. Elmo’s Fire) tackles the question of what happens after death in Flatliners, due Aug. 2 on both 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Disc. The film, which stars Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin and Oliver Platt, follows five ambitious medical students who subject themselves to a daring experiment, temporarily inducing their own deaths, hoping to glimpse the afterlife before being brought back to life. As competition within the group intensifies and their visions of the world beyond increasingly bleed into their waking lives, they learn that the greatest threat comes not from the spirit world but from the long-suppressed secrets of their own pasts. Each release features a new 4K restoration from the original negative, approved by the director of photography Jan de Bont (Basic Instinct). First pressings will include an illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Amanda Reyes and Peter Tonguette.

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Next, on Aug.30, Arrow will bow the “Running Out of Time Collection” on Blu-ray. The two-disc set includes two Hong Kong action thrillers from director Johnnie To. In 1999’s Running Out of Time, Andy Lau stars as a cancer-ridden criminal who challenges a police negotiator (Lau Ching-wan) to a 72-hour battle of wits and courage. The film earned six nominations at the 19th Hong Kong Film Awards including Best Film and Best Director. For his performance as the complicated criminal, Lau took home the award for Best Actor. Two years later, Ching-wan returned to the role of Inspector Ho Sheung Sang in the 2001 sequel Running Out of Time 2. In this go-around, Ching-wan battles wits with a clever criminal (Ekin Cheng) that has plans to extort money from a wealthy businesswoman (Kelly Lin). Running Out of Time 2 earned five Golden Horse Awards nominations, including wins for Best Action Choreography and Best Film Editing. Special features include new audio commentary tracks for each film with Hong Kong film expert Frank Djeng and the 2003 documentary Hong Kong Stories.

‘True Romance’ on 4K Among Titles Due on Blu-ray from Arrow and MVD in June

The 1990s crime romance True Romance, the horror film The Initiation of Sarah and the 1980s slasher Edge of Sanity are being released on Blu-ray from Arrow Films and MVD Entertainment Group in June.

The Initiation of Sarah (1978) comes to Blu-ray on June 21 with a brand-new 2K restoration from the camera negative. Satanic secrets and telekinetic terror combine in this made-for-TV horror movie directed by Hammer Films alumnus Robert Day (She), from a story co-written by Tom Holland (Fright Night), featuring cinematography by Ric Waite (48 Hrs). In the film, shy misfit Sarah Goodwin (Kay Lenz, House), has a secret gift: the ability to control — and destroy — with her mind. When Sarah goes off to college with her more outgoing and popular sister, Patty (Morgan Brittany, Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat), their plans to join the most prestigious sorority on campus are scuttled by snobby president Jennifer Lawrence (Morgan Fairchild, Phantom of the Mall). Separated from her sister, Sarah is taken in by a rival, less popular sorority, whose mysterious house mother, Mrs. Hunter (Shelley Winters, The Night of the Hunter), is harboring a secret of her own: a scheme to harness Sarah’s terrifying power for revenge. The release includes audio commentary from TV movie expert Amanda Reyes, a new interview with writer Tom Holland, and a new appreciation of the film that examines it through a queer feminist lens with the hosts of the Gaylords of Darkness podcast.

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Also due June 21 is Edge of Sanity, a late ’80s slasher that takes elements from Jack the Ripper and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and blends them together. The iconic Anthony Perkins stars as Dr. Henry Jekyll, a scientist experimenting on the human psyche in 1880s England. After mixing ether and cocaine, Dr. Jekyll transforms into Edward “Jack the Ripper” Hyde and begins to go on a killing spree, hunting down prostitutes on the streets of England. Edge of Sanity was directed by Gérard Kikoïne and, in addition to Perkins, stars Glynis Barber, David Lodge and Harry Landis. Arrow’s release features a new 2K restoration from the original camera negative, a new audio commentary and new interviews.

Arrow closes the month out on June 28 with 1993’s True Romance on limited-edition Blu-ray, limited-edition 4K Ultra HD, limited-edition 4K Ultra HD Steelbook and limited-edition 4K Ultra HD deluxe Steelbook. Tony Scott directs this love story about a martial arts-loving Elvis fanatic (Christian Slater) that falls for a call girl (Patricia Arquette) and kills her pimp, forcing the two of them to go on the run. The Quentin Tarantino-penned script follows the two inseparable love birds as they go to great lengths to prove that love has no bounds. In addition to Slater and Arquette, the film also stars Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Val Kilmer, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport and James Gandolfini. Special features include new restorations of both the theatrical and director’s cuts; audio commentary tracks with Scott, Tarantino, Slater and Arquette; a 60-page perfect-bound collectors’ booklet; and a double-sided poster.

Arrow’s June Subscription Slate Leads With Psycho Chiller ‘The Righteous’

Arrow Video has announced the June 2022 lineup of its new subscription-based Arrow platform, available to subscribers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A highlight of the June 2022 lineup is the psychological chiller The Righteous, an award-winning standout on the genre festival circuit, available June 10 in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland.

The first feature from director-actor-writer Mark O’Brien is a dark chiller about a burdened man who feels the wrath of a vengeful God, after he and his wife are visited by a mysterious stranger. The film stars O’Brien, Henry Czerny and Mimi Kuzyk.

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The Righteous had its World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in 2021, winning the Cheval Noir and Silver Award, and has since gone on to win a Bloodie at the 2021 Blood in the Snow Film Festival, and the Grimmfest Award at the 2021 Grimmfest.

The June slate kicks off June 1 with all six films from Charles Band’s “The Trancers Collection,” from the original 1984 Trancers to 2002’s Trancers 6. Also available on that date is “The Art of Cult,” featuring Children of the Corn, The Hills Have Eyes, The Stylist, and Ringu, as well as Hell High, a twisted tale of delinquency starring Christopher Cousins and Christopher Stryker.

On June 6 comes “The Vinegar Syndrome Collection,” with Avenging Angel, The Passing, Star Time and Sweet Sugar.

The Righteous is part of Arrow’s June 10 “Season: I Think You Should Leave,” which also includes The Bloodhound, Two Thousand Maniacs, and Shiver of the Vampire. Also available that day is Viy, the first horror film ever produced in the Soviet Union. 

On June 13 comes the 1989 cult slasher The Intruder, featuring early appearances by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, followed three days later by “You Really Should Have Seen It Coming,” featuring the films Dark August, The Premonition, Death Has Blue Eyes and Psychic Killer.

June 17 comes Blood Dolls and the cult classic slasher sequels Maniac Cop 2 and Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence.

Capping the month is the June 20 release of “The American Genre Film Collection,” with Bat Pussy, Who Killed Captain Alex, She Mob and The Zodiac Killer.

‘Wild Things’ on 4K Ultra HD Among Titles Available From Arrow and MVD in May

The thriller Wild Things on 4K Ultra HD, the horror title Girls Night Out, and the martial arts actioner One-Armed Boxer are available on Blu-ray from Arrow Films and MVD Entertainment Group in May.

In the early 1980s, the slasher film reigned supreme. On May 17, Arrow will shine a light on one of these lesser-known efforts, Girls Nite Out. Originally released as The ScaremakerGirls Nite Out is an oddball slasher directed by a former documentarian and produced by a pair of Ohio attorneys. In the film, a group of college coeds participates in an all-night scavenger hunt when the fun is interrupted by a killer in a bear costume. Arrow is releasing the film in a new 2K restoration with special features including new interviews with stars Julia Montgomery, Laura Summer, Lois Robbins, Paul Christie, Lauren-Marie Taylor and John Didrichsen.

On May 24, Arrow will celebrate the life of the late Jimmy Wang Yu with the release of One-Armed Boxer. Yu directs and stars as Tien Lung, a martial arts student that loses an arm in the same attack that leaves his classmates and master dead. Fueled by revenge, Lung studies the art of one-arm boxing with plans to track down the Hook gang responsible for his unfortunate predicament. One-Armed Boxer is widely regarded as one of the most influential martial arts films of the 1970s and the film that put Jimmy Wang Yu on the map. Director Quentin Tarantino has referred to it as “one of the best martial arts films ever made,” and it paved the way for an iconic sequel in Master of the Flying Guillotine. The new release from Arrow features a 2K restoration, audio commentary with Frank Djeng from the NY Asian Film Festival, and a career retrospective interview with Wang Yu.

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Due May 24 is John McNaughton’s Wild Things on both standard Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. In the film, Matt Dillon stars as a high school guidance counselor accused of rape by two students (Denise Richards and Neve Campbell). During the highly controversial trial, a police detective (Kevin Bacon) begins to suspect the trio may be in cahoots. Arrow presents the film with 4K restorations of both the original theatrical version and the unrated edition from the original camera negatives by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Special features include two audio commentary tracks, new interviews with McNaughton and Richards, a making-of documentary, and a double-sided fold-out poster.

‘An American Werewolf in London’ on 4K Among Titles Due in March From Arrow and MVD

The horror classic An American Werewolf in London, the kung fu classic Come Drink With Me and the Japanese film noir To Sleep So as to Dream are being released on disc from Arrow Video and MVD Entertainment Group in March.

Director John Landis (The Blues Brothers, Trading Places) combines macabre horror with dark humor in An American Werewolf in London (1981), newly restored and due on 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision March 15. In the film, American tourists David (David Naughton) and Jack (Griffin Dunne) are savaged by an unidentified vicious animal whilst hiking on the Yorkshire Moors. David awakes in a London hospital to find his friend dead and his life in disarray. Retiring to the home of a beautiful nurse (Jenny Agutter, Walkabout) to recuperate, he soon experiences disturbing changes to his mind and body, undergoing a full-moon transformation that will unleash terror on the streets of the capital. The film features Rick Baker’s ground-breaking, Oscar-winning special makeup effects.

Extras include audio commentary by Beware the Moon filmmaker Paul Davis; audio commentary by actors Naughton and Dunne; “Mark of the Beast: The Legacy of the Universal Werewolf,” a feature-length documentary by filmmaker Daniel Griffith, featuring interviews with Landis, Naughton, Joe Dante and more; “An American Filmmaker in London,” an interview with Landis in which he reflects on British cinema and his time working in Britain; “I Think He’s a Jew: The Werewolf’s Secret,” a video essay by filmmaker Jon Spira (Elstree 1976) about how Landis’ film explores Jewish identity; “The Werewolf’s Call,” in which Corin Hardy, director of The Hallow and The Nun, chats with writer Simon Ward about their formative experiences with the film; “Wares of the Wolf,” a featurette in which SFX artist Dan Martin and Tim Lawes of Prop Store look at some of the original costumes and special effects artifacts from the film; “Beware the Moon,” Paul Davis’ feature-length exploration of Landis’ film which boasts extensive cast and crew interviews; “An American Werewolf in Bob’s Basement” and “Causing a Disturbance: Piccadilly Revisited,” two 2008 featurettes filmed by Paul Davis; “Making An American Werewolf in London,” a short archival featurette on the film’s production; “An Interview with John Landis,” a lengthy archival interview with the director about the film; make-up Artist Rick Baker on An American Werewolf in London; “I Walked with a Werewolf,” an archival interview with Rick Baker about Universal horror and its legacy of Wolfman films; “Casting of the Hand,” archival footage from Rick Baker’s workshop showing the casting of Naughton’s hand; outtakes; a storyboards featurette; the original trailer and teaser plus TV and radio spots; an image gallery; a reversible sleeve featuring original poster art and artwork by Graham Humphreys; a double-sided fold-out poster; six double-sided, postcard-sized lobby card reproductions; and a limited edition 60-page, perfect-bound book featuring new writing by Craig Ian Mann and Simon Ward, archival articles and original reviews.

Years before the Shaw Brothers’ kung fu films made them the biggest film studio in Hong Kong, local audiences flocked to their wuxia pian films — mythic tales of swordfighting (and often gravity-defying) heroes fighting for honor. In his final film for the studio, Come Drink With Me (1966), due on Blu-ray March 22, director King Hu (A Touch of Zen) broke fresh new ground in martial arts storytelling, and catapulted lead actress Cheng Pei-pei to stardom. In the film, when the Governor’s son is taken hostage by bandits, a mysterious swordsman named Golden Swallow (Cheng) is hot on their trail to ensure the son’s release. What the bandits don’t realize, however, is that Golden Swallow is actually a woman, and that the hostage is her brother. Determined to set him free, no matter how many goons she has to fight her way through in doing so, she is aided in her quest by a drunken beggar (Yueh Hua), who may have a closer connection to the bandits’ leader than he initially lets on. Decades before Ang Lee brought the wuxia genre to international attention with the Oscar-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (in which Cheng played the villainous Jade Fox), King Hu set the original template in what is still considered one of Shaw Brothers’ greatest and most influential action masterpieces.

The Japanese To Sleep So as to Dream (1986) follows two private detectives who hunt for an actress trapped within the reel of a silent ninja film. The dreamlike debut of Kaizo Hayashi (Circus Boys, Zipang), an homage to the movie worlds of the 1910s and 1950s, is due on Blu-ray March 22. In the film, when private eye Uotsuka (Shiro Sano, Violent Cop, Shin Godzilla) and his sidekick Kobayashi are approached by an aged former actress, Madame Cherryblossom, to go in search of her kidnapped daughter Bellflower, their investigation leads them to the studios of the mysterious M. Pathe company. Here Uotsuka has a strange vision in which he comes face to face with the beautiful star of a 1915 chanbara film that appears to have no ending. From then on, things begin to get a little strange. To Sleep So as to Dream makes its home video debut outside of Japan in a brand new restoration supervised by the director himself. Drifting between illusion and allusion, it is chockfull of references to Japan’s rich cinematic heritage and features cameos from a host of veteran talent and baroque sets created by Takeo Kimura, the Nikkatsu art designer remembered for his flamboyant work with Seijun Suzuki in the 1960s.

Extras include new audio commentary by Japanese film experts Tom Mes and Jasper Sharp; audio commentary with director Kaizo Hayashi and lead actor Shiro Sano recorded in 2000; “How Many Eggs?, Actor Shiro Sano Talks,” a new interview with the film’s lead actor; “Talking Silents: Benshi Midori Sawato Talks,” a new interview on early Japanese film culture and the art of the benshi silent film commentator; “Midori Sawato Performs ‘The Eternal Mystery,’” an exclusive benshi performance to the film within the film; the “The Restoration of To Sleep So as to Dream” featurette; “Fragments from Japan’s Lost Silent Heyday,” a selection of scenes from silent jidai-geki films from the Kyoto Toy Museum archives; the original theatrical trailer and English-language restored re-release trailers; an image gallery; a reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by David Downton; and for the first pressing only, an illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Aaron Gerow.

Claude Chabrol Collection, Slasher ‘Deadly Games’ Due on Blu-ray Feb. 22 From Arrow and MVD

The 1982 horror film Deadly Games and the five-disc collection Lies & Deceit: Five Films by Claude Chabrol are heading to Blu-ray Feb. 22 from Arrow Films and MVD Entertainment Group.

Director Scott Mansfield’s oft-overlooked slasher Deadly Games is making its disc-debut. In the film, in a small American town, women fall victim to an unhinged masked maniac with a fondness for board games. Each time the dice is rolled, another victim meets a grisly end. Jo Ann Harris stars as a woman that gets caught up in the killer’s sadistic games after she returns home to mourn the murder of her sister. Sam Groom and Steve Railsback co-star. Made in 1980 but not released until 1982, Deadly Games has languished in relative obscurity for the last 40 years. The release includes a new 2K restoration from the original camera negative and new interviews with actor Jere Rae-Mansfield and special effects and stunt co-ordinator John Eggett. The first pressing includes a fully-illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing by film historian/author Amanda Reyes.
A staple of the French New Wave scene, Claude Chabrol established himself as one of French cinema’s most influential directors despite often being overlooked throughout a career spanning more than 50 years. The set Lies & Deceit: Five Films by Claude Chabrol highlights five of the director’s best films.
Entered into the 1985 Cannes Film Festival, Cop Au Vin is a crime film set in a small provincial French town. A butcher, a doctor and a lawyer agree to go into business with one another. But after obnoxious behavior leads to one of them ending up dead, the town’s police detective Inspector Lavardin (Jean Poiret) shows up to investigate. 
In 1986, Jean Poiret reprised his police detective role from Cop Au Vin in the sequel Inspector Lavardin. In the film, after a wealthy Roman Catholic writer is found dead on the beach of a small coastal town, Lavardin heads to the scene to solve the mystery. When Lavardin discovers that the victim’s widow is an old flame that he hasn’t seen in more than two decades, the investigation takes a turn. 
Based on Gustave Flaubert’s novel of the same name, Madame Bovary is the story of an attractive young woman (Isabelle Huppert) stuck in a lackluster marriage with a country doctor. To spice things up and escape the boredom of married life, she enters into multiple affairs, runs up countless debts and meets a tragic end. Madame Bovary earned a 1992 Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Film and an Oscar nod for Best Costume Design.
Betty follows a young, attractive alcoholic (Marie Trintignant) who spends her evenings hopping from bar to bar. One night she meets Laure (Stéphane Audran), an older alcoholic that decides to take Betty in and help her get her life back on track. Betty eventually becomes jealous of her new friend’s relationship and attempts to steal her lover. 
Torment is the story of a man who appears to have it all before obsession drives him mad. Paul (François Cluzet) owns and runs the successful Hotel Del Lac and is married to the beautiful Nelly (Emmanuelle Béart), a woman he believes to be way out of his league. After witnessing Nelly being friendly to a handsome hotel guest, Paul becomes convinced that she’s unfaithful and begins to follow his wife. His delusion and paranoia lead to tragedy. 

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The set comes loaded with archived and new bonus features, including interviews and audio commentaries, trailers, image galleries and video essays. Also included is an 80-page collector’s booklet of new writing by film critics Martyn Conterio, Kat Ellinger, Philip Kemp and Sam Wigley.

Arrow Horror Flicks ‘Deep Red’ and ‘Basket Case’ Available on Blu-ray Jan. 11 From MVD

The horror films Deep Red and Basket Case are due on Blu-ray Jan. 11 from MVD Entertainment Group and Arrow Video.

From director Dario Argento (SuspiriaThe Bird with the Crystal Plumage), Deep Red is being released on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with a new 4K restoration of both the original 127-minute Italian version and the 105-minute export version from the original negative by Arrow Films. In the film, one night, musician Marcus Daly (David Hemmings, Blow Up), looking up from the street below, witnesses the brutal axe murder of a woman in her apartment. Racing to the scene, Marcus just manages to miss the perpetrator — or does he? As he takes on the role of amateur sleuth, Marcus finds himself ensnared in a bizarre web of murder and mystery where nothing is what it seems.

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The feature debut of director Frank Henenlotter (Brain Damage, Frankenhooker), 1982’s Basket Case is a blood-spattered midnight movie experience, now with a new 4K restoration by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). In the film, Duane Bradley is a pretty ordinary guy. His formerly conjoined twin Belial, on the other hand, is a deformed, fleshy lump whom he carries around in a wicker basket. Arriving in the Big Apple and taking up a room at the seedy Hotel Broslin, the pair set about hunting down and butchering the surgeons responsible for their separation. But tensions flare when Duane starts spending time with a pretty blonde secretary, and Belial’s homicidal tendencies reach bloody new extremes.