Vizio Surpasses 11 Million TVs That Allow Dynamic Ad Insertion

Vizio June 9 announced it has surpassed 11.2 million addressable TVs across the United States that enable dynamic ad insertion.

The number represents a significant milestone for members of Project OAR, the addressable advertising consortium founded by Vizio and other TV media companies. By expanding the addressable footprint, programmers are able to deliver and manage ad inventory inside of linear programming broadcast to homes across America.

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“This milestone pushes the consortium beyond a ‘project’ and into an addressable business,” Adam Gaynor, VP of network partnerships and head of addressable for Vizio and OAR, said in a statement.

Gaynor said that with the infrastructure in place and more campaigns going live in the market, the Irvine, Calif.-based Vizio is making it possible to deploy, manage and sell dynamic ads for local and national inventory.

The Project OAR consortium, which is composed of television networks, operators and Vizio, has worked to create open standards that anyone in the ecosystem can use to increase the relevancy of advertising and improve linear viewing for consumers.

AMC Networks, Fox and WarnerMedia are among several of the companies that have executed national addressable campaigns using the OAR standard to deliver more relevant advertising experiences within linear and on-demand formats on smart TVs. With addressable campaigns, companies can reach audiences regardless of where, when or how they choose to view television.

“We started our first addressable campaign in late 2020 and have continued to air addressable campaigns across our national inventory and complemented by set-top box VOD and CTV, allowing for true convergence,” Kristine Bayles, VP of advanced advertising for AMC, said in a statement. “With over 30% of our linear viewership being addressable, we are unlocking new opportunities for brands to connect directly with the intended consumer with precision.”

Darren Sherriff, VP of advanced advertising products at Fox, said that as the scale of addressable continues to grow, working with established market standards will drive adoption and execution on a broader level.

“We’re working to make advertising more accessible and effective for our marketing partners by delivering ad innovations with precision and purpose,” Sherriff said.

Project Open Addressable Ready is a technology consortium created to deliver better advertising experiences to viewers through the use of dynamic advertising on Internet-connected TVs and devices.

Formed in 2018, OAR members include AMC Networks, NBCUniversal, Discovery, Disney, EW Scripps, Fox, Hearst Television, Univision, ViacomCBS, Vizio and WarnerMedia.

The consortium provides technical specifications and best-practice provisions for the selling, targeting and measurement of addressable TV advertising within privacy-compliant, consumer-forward TV environments and is open to content providers, linear inventory owners and OEMs.