July 6 Blu-ray and DVD Slate Includes ’48 Hrs.,’ ‘Threshold,’ ‘Defending Jacob’

Catalog releases continue to dominate the slate of new DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases July 6, among them new Blu-ray Discs of both “48 Hrs.” movies, Arrow Video’s Threshold and Paramount’s disc release of the Apple+ limited series Defending Jacob.

The 1982 action classic 48 Hrs. and its 1990 sequel, Another 48 Hrs., both starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, arrive on Blu-ray as part of the Paramount Presents line. Both films have been newly remastered from 4K film transfers and are presented with new bonus content featuring insight from director Walter Hill along with vintage behind-the-scenes footage. The limited-edition Paramount Presents Blu-ray Discs come in collectible packaging featuring a foldout image of each film’s theatrical poster and an interior spread with key movie moments. The discs also include access to a digital copy of the film along with the theatrical trailer.

Arrow Video’s Threshold is available on both Blu-ray Disc and DVD. The film, produced last year, tells the story of a girl who believes she is cursed and convinces her brother to head out on a cross-country road trip to break the curse. The psychological thriller was co-directed by Powell Robinson and Patrick Robert Young and stars Joey Millin, Nadine Sondej-Robinson, Daniel Abraham Stevens, John Terrell and Madison West.

The Ice-T film Equal Standard arrives on DVD and Blu-ray July 6 from Mill Creek Entertainment and Mutiny Pictures. Taheim Bryan’s writing and acting debut inspired by his life experience, the film tells the timely and politically charged story of police in New York City struggling with race, rank, betrayal and loss. Directed by Brendan Kyle Cochrane, the story is an billed as an unflinching — and unbiased — lens on the lives of police and the community they’re called upon to protect, and what happens when that covenant goes sideways, offering a perspective from both sides of the law.

The limited series Defending Jacob arrives on DVD July 6 from Paramount Home Entertainment. The series premiered on the streaming service Apple TV+. A gripping, character-driven thriller based on the 2012 best-selling novel of the same name, “Defending Jacob” unfolds around a shocking crime that rocks a small Massachusetts town and one family in particular, forcing an assistant district attorney (Chris Evans) to choose between his sworn duty to uphold justice and his unconditional love for his son. The series also stars Michelle Dockery (“Downton Abbey”), Jaeden Martell (ItKnives Out), J.K. Simmons (“Oz,” Whiplash), and Cherry Jones (“The Handmaid’s Tale”).

The Saban Films action thriller Locked in, starring Mena Suvari and Jeff Fahey, debuts on DVD July 6 from Paramount Home Entertainment. It is available now via digital purchase and VOD. In the film, after a diamond heist takes a fatal turn, a pair of thieves must entrust their fortune with an accomplice at a high-tech storage facility while they lay low. Hiding the goods within the labyrinth of storage units, the thieves’ inside man pays the ultimate price when he turns against them. Hellbent on recovering the missing stones, they seize the facility and kidnap surviving employee Maggie (Suvari, American Beauty), threatening her family unless she helps them. Locked in with nowhere to run, Maggie’s only chance to escape alive is to fight back and stay one step ahead of her captors. The film also stars Manny Perez, Costas Mandylor, Bruno Bichir and Jasper Polish.

The Malaysian martial arts epicSilat Warriors: Deed of Death hits digital, Blu-ray and DVD July 6 from Well Go USA Entertainment. When a reckless young gambler’s wild lifestyle of illegal betting, drag racing, and brutal street fights pits him against a ruthless criminal enterprise, his luck finally runs out. The gang shows up at his father’s home to collect on the debt, forcing his family to fight in order to save their land — and his life.

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July 6 also sees the release of the spine-chilling supernatural horror thriller Dark Spell on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD and digital purchase from Shout! Factory’s horror imprint, Scream Factory. The Russian film deals with a heartbroken young wife tampering with sinister magic after her husband leaves her.

The fantasy-horror film Miranda Veil arrives on DVD on July 6 from Indican Pictures. When aspiring serial killer Soren (Zach Steffey, Mindhunter) abducts his first victim, Miranda (Annabel Barrett, Like Dogs), both of them are shocked to discover that she is unable to die. What follows is an unlikely journey of self-discovery for both to unravel the truth about the Veil family, even if it kills them.

In the digital arena, the sweeping 1985 samurai epic Ran from Akira Kurosawa becomes available July 6 with a new 4K transfer. The film blends King Lear, 16th-century feudal Japan, and Kurosawa’s own notions of loyalty and honor to tell the story of aging Lord Hidetora, whose decision to bequeath his kingdom to his three sons sparks a power struggle that leads to chaos and madness.

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