Survey: More Than Half of U.S. Consumers Added a Streaming Service in the Past Year

A February 2021 survey of U.S. consumers found more than half (55%) had added a streaming service in the past year, including nearly three-fourths (74%) of consumers aged 25-34 and 72% of consumers aged 35-44. The survey found 70% were currently using streaming TV services.

The survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers over the age of 18 was conducted by marketing solutions company Vericast.

Products advertised on streaming TV were more relevant than on traditional cable TV, according to 64% of consumers aged 25-34 and 69% of consumers aged 35-44 surveyed. As a result, almost half (46%) of all respondents indicated they are more inclined to research or purchase a product or service they saw on streaming TV than on traditional TV. In the past year, more than one-third of consumers have made a purchase based on a connected TV ad.

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“Brands can — and should — leverage connected-TV to target and reach consumers more effectively than traditional TV,” said Amanda Shelton, Vericast VP of product, digital marketing and technology group.

Additional findings from the survey include:

  • 64% of consumers use their mobile device or tablet to shop while watching TV on a streaming service, with 82% of parents noting they browse or shop online while streaming TV;
  • Viewing ads is preferred over paid subscriptions, with more than half of consumers (54%) willing to view ads in their streaming TV experience for a lower monthly subscription cost;
  • Consumers age 35-44 were most willing to view ads in their streaming TV experience for a lower monthly subscription cost (69%), followed by age 25-34 (64%) and 18-24 (59%); and
  • Consumers were willing to trade data for a better ad experience, with 68% of consumers saying they were willing to share data with brands to improve their streaming TV ad experience, including the types of shows they watch regularly and anonymous demographic data.

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