U.S. Survey: A Fifth Have Purchased and More Than Half Would Consider PVOD

A fifth have purchased and more than half would consider buying premium VOD titles, according to a survey of U.S. respondents from online site TV Time.

TV Time is a free TV viewership tracking app that tracks consumers’ viewing habits worldwide and is visited by more than 1 million consumers every day, according to the service.

In a survey of 6,891 respondents who are active users of the TV Time app in the United States, 20% of total respondents said they had purchased one PVOD title during the stay-at-home measures, while 55% agreed that they are more willing to give a title a try in a home-purchase setting.

Those with kids in the household were more likely to have purchased one PVOD movie (26%) versus those without kids (16%). Meanwhile, 42% of households with kids reported watching the movie more than once, versus 29% for those without kids.

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Among genres, animation was the big winner, thanks mostly to the PVOD release of Universal’s Trolls World Tour. A quarter (25%) of PVOD purchases thus far were for the animation genre, according to total respondents.

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Overall, respondents felt $20 PVOD pricing was too high. But among those who had purchased PVOD, 68% found the price was right, 24% said it was too expensive and 8% said they would pay more. The survey found respondents valued genres differently. For example, people who had purchased a horror film felt the price was too expensive (32%), compared with the average of 24% among all purchasers. On the flip side, 14% who purchased a comedy/rom-com said they would pay more, compared with the 8% average. Superhero films were priced right according to 68% of respondents.

Blockbuster films, often packed with special effects, can command a greater price than other genres, even at home, according to the survey. When respondents were asked what they thought was a reasonable PVOD price point, the superhero movie genre came out on top, with an average of $14.17. This was followed by action/adventure at $13.49. Dramas came in at $12.38. At the bottom of the list were art house movies, averaging $9.45.

Results were weighted (balanced) to reflect U.S. general population gender and age (13-54).

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