‘Super Fans’ Driving Blu-ray Disc, DVD Market

Shout! Factory has created a cottage industry and industry reputation for its catalog packaged-media releases and pricey boxed sets.

The indie distributor’s Streets of Fire: Collector’s Edition took “Best Catalog Title” at the 2018 Home Media Awards, while in August it will release Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series — 25th Anniversary Edition Steelbook– a 20-disc collection selling for $200.

Shout!, along with other distributors, is targeting a growing lucrative consumer: the super fan. This demo apparently thinks nothing about spending $300 on Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s DC Universe 10th Anniversary Collection, or $65 on Paramount Home Media Distribution’s Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series, among others.

Indeed, these hardcore consumers are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars (and British pounds) on their lavish DVD and Blu-ray Disc collector’s sets and high-grade vinyl LPs  and are driving home entertainment sales, according to new data from the Entertainment Retailers Association. More than two thirds of sales of Blu-ray Discs in the U.K. are generated by the passionate fan.

“Music, video and games may reach virtually the entire population, but it is these £400-a-year [$500] super fans who are the backbone of the market,” Kim Bayley, CEO of ERA, said in a statement.

Indeed, British super fans accounted for 61% (£98.8 million/$131 million) of £162 million ($217 million) spent on Blu-ray Discs in 2017, compared to £62.9 million/$84.5 million of the£580 million ($780 million) spent on DVD.

The ERA estimated the U.K. Blu-ray super fan base at around 247,000 people — equivalent to the population of Southampton.

“Super fans are the connoisseurs of entertainment,” Bayley said. “They are passionate about music or film or games and tend to favor the more sophisticated higher-value formats.”





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