Studios, Streamers Sue Online TV Service for Pirating Content

Hollywood studios and over-the-top video behemoths Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have joined together in a lawsuit against “SeTV Now,” an online service allegedly streaming pirated content globally.

The suit – filed April 20 in Los Angeles District Court – by Amazon Content Services, Columbia Pictures Industries, Disney Enterprises, Netflix Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Televsision, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., Universal City Studios Productions, Universal Cable Productions, Universal Television and Warner Bros. Entertainment, alleges “SeTV Now” and co-defendants Jason Labossiere and Nelson Johnson are pirating “mass copyright infringement” of plaintiffs’ movies and TV shows and marketing access to them via software to consumers for “only $20/month.”

“Whether their customers choose a subscription or a preloaded box, what [Florida-based] defendants actually sell is illegal access to plaintiffs’ copyrighted works … without authorization. These streams are illegal public performances of plaintiffs’ copyrighted works,” read the complaint.

The studios, Amazon and Netflix filed the litigation in California, citing the state as the “locus of most of plaintiffs’ productions and distribution facilities.”

The suit alleges “SeTV Now” sells “click-and-play” no-contract subscriptions and set-top box devices in California, in addition to offering technical support and marketing on social media in the state.

“On April 10, 2018, a ‘SeTVnow’ customer who selected the ‘new releases’ category would have had the ability to access immediately hundreds of titles, including movies still in theaters,” read the complaint.

The defendants were not immediately available for comment.

The studios, Amazon and Netflix seek a jury trial and unspecified monetary damages.

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