Stuck at Home: What are You Watching?

For the past two weeks, the vast majority of us have been stuck at home. Schools are closed, offices are closed, businesses are closed — and even those of us who are still working are finding more leisure time, with our movie theaters, gyms and favorite restaurants shuttered, and no cross-town meetings or appointments.

Screen time, not surprisingly, is up — way up. And here at Media Play News, we thought we’d start a conversation on what everyone is watching in the hopes that as people run out of ideas they can peruse the “comments” section down below for some suggestions.

Specifically, we’d like to know:

  1. What new movies are you watching on DVD, Blu-ray Disc or digital?
  2. What about classic movies?
  3. TV shows?
  4. Other programs?
  5. What about streaming? What original series or movies are you watching on Netflix? On Amazon Prime? On Disney+? On Apple TV+?
  6. Any little-known streaming services you are utilizing?

Let us know, by commenting on this story.

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And to get the conversation started, here’s what the Media Play News team is watching:

Editor in chief Stephanie Prange and her husband, Michael, and daughters Sydney (22) and Mia (17), have collectively or individually watched a wide range of programs, including “Tiger King” on Netflix, “The Act” on Hulu, “Hunters” on Amazon Prime and Captain America: Winter Soldier on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc. Mia has also enjoyed Frozen, Frozen II and Hercules on Disney+.

John Latchem, our executive editor, hasn’t changed his viewing regimen much: He’s still watching and reviewing new releases, mostly on Blu-ray Disc. Aside from that, he says he’s watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO Go and “Ozark” on Netflix (season 3 just dropped and I’m eager to tune in as well).

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John Boezinger, our sales chief, has watched digital 4K versions of No Mercy and Queen & Slim.  He’s also watched multiple episodes of “Dirty Money” on Netflix.

And from Erik Gruenwedel, our East Coast-based senior editor: “Facing self-isolation and ignoring for a moment the guilt and myriad legalities, I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to commit the perfect murder. So I’m watching endless episodes of ‘Forensic Files II’ on HLN for clues. With today’s forensic technology, the answer would appear to be no. What a relief. I’ve also been watching catalog episodes of ‘Shark Tank’ on ABC. A woman got $120,000 from one of the sharks for her wedding undergarment creation that makes it easy for a bride to go to the bathroom in her gown. Very clever. Finally, from MHz Networks Home Entertainment, I’ve been watching the second season of the Swedish crime series ‘Detective Inspector Irene Huss’ on DVD with English subtitles — which keeps me awake.”

As for me, I’ve watched a few more historical dramas on Blu-ray Disc — Nixon, JFK, Parkland — as well as Parasite and Richard Jewell. For the past week, my two younger sons and I have also enjoyed a horror marathon in which we consumed all six “Wrong Turn” movies (yes, I love that stuff) while my wife has been sequestered upstairs watching “Outlander” on Starz and “Tiger King” on Netflix.

7 thoughts on “Stuck at Home: What are You Watching?”

  1. We have been rewatching the Alfred Hitchcock filmography (and what a wonderful way to spend some time). We have also added some Hitchcock “like” films such as Mirage and Arabesque. In terms of streaming MUBI has been showing some good films and our Nordic Noir needs have been met by Netflix and MHZ Choice- they show a remarkable selection. All in all an enjoyable way to socially distance.

  2. Our family is going back to the disc closet to watch great movies that we enjoyed years ago, like Prisoners (2013), a thriller about abduction of two young girls in Pennsylvania that the National Board of Review hailed as one of the top ten films of 2013. And, oh yes, we watched Contagion….

  3. “Tiger King” all the way! Netflix original series are the best, and this is just so addicting.

  4. I binged Tiger King the first week it was out (which just happened to be the first week I started working from home) and have been keeping up with the Frasers by watching Outlander. I’ve also watched some movies that have been on my list for a while like My Cousin Vinny, Snowpeircer and Inglourious Bastards.

    All of this has been through streaming services but I may start watching DVDs soon so I don’t go over my internet data, luckily I just bought Stephen King’s The Shinning on DVD since I can’t stream it from any of my current streaming services.

  5. What new movies are you watching on DVD, Blu-ray Disc or digital?
    Queen & Slim, Knives Out, and Harriet – Parasite and Downhill are next on my list!

    What about classic movies?
    None of the traditional classics, but I’ve recently re-watched two favorites – The Wolf Of Wall Street and Beasts Of The Southern Wild.

    TV shows?
    I’ve currently been watching the last season of Homeland on Showtime and Devs on FX (thanks to Daysun Perkins for the recommendation!), sprinkled in with a steady flow of old VEEP episodes – which I can never stop re-watching!

    What about streaming? What original series or movies are you watching on Netflix? On Amazon Prime? On Disney+? On Apple TV+?
    On Netflix, Tiger King and The Pharmacist, Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime, and The Morning Show On Apple+.

  6. What new movies on Disc?
    Picked up and watched Bad Boys for Life, Jojo Rabbit and Ford v Ferarri, completed an in order run of the MCU started at the start of March all off of 4K Disc.

    Classic movies on disc?
    Watched The Shining, and using the term classic loosely, watch the full Jurassic Park collection, First Blood and Rambo II on 4K disc. Waiting anxiously for the first 4K Columbia collection in June.

    TV shows?
    Titans (Season 2), Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Batman: The Animated Series (sensing a pattern?), The X-Files (Started in February, up to season 8) and Breaking Bad all on BD.

    Other shows?
    First run of Westworld, Magnum PI, ESPN’s The Last Stand documentary and Last Week Tonight

    I only subscribe to Disney+ since I own a ton of stuff, and they’ve had the shows that interest me… The Clone Wars, Madalorian (Can’t wait for the behind the scenes show), a few episode of Brain Games, The World According to Jeff Goldblum (hilariously weird) and even though I watch it over a month ago, the best documentary show on Disney+ The Imagineering Story.

    Admittedly a true nerd approach to my viewing patterns, but definitely enough to keep me busy while I wait for sports to return, since local sports pay most of my bills.

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