Streaming Video Supplants Cable/Satellite Viewing in Vizio TV Households

Streaming Video Supplants Cable/Satellite Viewing in Vizio TV Households

A majority of Vizio smart TV owners now stream video entertainment rather than access legacy cable or satellite TV distribution, according to new data from Inscape, which tracks ACR data from millions of Vizio TVs.

Looking at the second fiscal quarter over the past three years, streaming has captured 9.7% of viewing share from cable/satellite for U.S. TV households, according to the report. As a result, streaming’s share of viewing has increased from 44.1% in Q2 2021 to 53.8% in Q2 2023. Meanwhile, cable/satellite’s share has fallen from 46.9% to 37.1% during the same period, while gaming and over-the-air antennae viewing share has remained relatively consistent during this time.

A rise in availability and consumer usage of streaming apps and free ad-supported TV (FAST) services has made streaming the “new normal” in media consumption, according to Inscape. This is also underpinned by the continued penetration of smart TVs themselves.

Indeed, by early 2022, streaming had displaced cable/satellite as the most-viewed TV source by U.S. households, according to Inscape. In the quarters since, it has steadily grown its share of viewing time and there are no signs of a slowdown.

The report found that FAST, which offers a free, easy entry experience across a wide variety of curated programming, continues to gain popularity among consumers. FAST viewing time increased by 70% from Q2 2022 to Q2 2023.

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“As the viewing landscape continues to shift, marketers, measurement providers and media owners alike need to understand where and how consumers are connecting in order to create and implement the best strategies to reach them and drive optimal business outcomes,” read the report.

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