Shout! Factory Readies Collection of Seven Classic Jackie Chan Actioners

Shout! Factory has announced the Jan. 24 release of The Jackie Chan Collection Vol. 1 (1976-1982), a collection of seven classic films that showcase the unique mixture of martial arts, action, and comedy that made Jackie Chan a hit.

The set, available on Blu-ray Disc only, features Shaolin Wooden Men, where an orphan traumatized by the death of his father meets a prisoner at the Shaolin Monastery who teaches him a secret and deadly form of Kung Fu; To Kill With Intrigue, in which a young master sends his girlfriend away from the family castle to flee from a gang of vengeful women; Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin, about a young man who must fight off numerous clans to learn the true reason for the disappearance of the Shaolin Masters; Dragon Fist, about a student who embarks on a sacred journey to avenge his master who was murdered; Battle Creek Brawl, in which a Chicago man is forced to enter a no-holds-barred combat tournament in Texas; and Dragon Lord, about a student named Dragon who encounters a group of bandits trying to steal antiques.

Special features include audio commentary from author David West and Hong Kong film critic James Mudge, interviews with Chan and cast, English and Japanese theatrical trailers, and more. In addition, customers who order from will receive an exclusive poster (while supplies last).

To celebrate the release, Shout! Factor is airing a Jackie Chan BRAWL-A-THON on Jan. 28 beginning at noon PT / 3 p.m. ET. It will stream simultaneously across Shout Factory TV, including the tokuSHOUTsu and Shout! Cult channels, for 24 hours.

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