Anime ‘Shirobako: The Movie’ Slated for Home Release

Shout! Factory will release Shirobako: The Movie as a Blu-ray Disc/DVD combo pack, and for digital download, Dec. 7.

A love letter to the anime industry from Eleven Arts Studios, the anime film about making anime is a sequel to the anime television series of the same name, which has also been adapted as a manga series. Director Tsutomu Mizushima (Girls und Panzer, Prison School) and screenwriter Michiko Yokote (Naruto, Cowboy Bebop) lent their talents to the movie after working on the series.

Four years after the events of the series, the movie finds Musashino Animation has gone through drastic changes and things are looking bleak for the studio. One day, Aoi Miyamori is offered a role managing a new theatrical animation project. With only a few months left before the deadline, it’s up to Aoi to work alongside both familiar faces and new to finish the project in time.

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Bonus features on the Blu-ray combo pack release include a teaser and trailer never before seen in North America, additional promotional videos, and a four-page booklet with character art.

Eleven Arts is a Los Angeles-based distribution company known for bringing acclaimed anime films to North America. Eleven Arts’ anime titles most recently include A Silent Voice, Millennium Actress, Penguin Highway, Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms and others.

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