Seasons of ‘Antiques Road Trip,’ ‘Nova: Making Stuff’ Available on PBS Living in December

Five seasons of “Antiques Road Trip,” eight seasons of “World’s Greatest,” and episodes of “Nova: Making Stuff” are among the titles available on PBS Living in December.

PBS Living is available on Prime Video and Apple TV Channels. The subscription rate is $2.99 per month on Prime Video with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription and on Apple TV Channels in the Apple TV app at $2.99 per month with no additional annual fees.

Seasons 11-13 and 19-20 of “Antiques Road Trip” start streaming Dec. 14. Viewers hit the road in a classic car for a tour through Great Britain, including Cornwall, Shropshire, Glasgow, the Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland, with two antiques experts as they search the local stores for treasures, competing to see who can turn a limited budget into a small fortune. Their adventures take them off the beaten path and allow them to indulge their passion for the past, learning about the little-known stories behind some of the greatest events in British history. In these seasons, experts including Christina Trevanion, Paul Laidlaw, Anita Manning, David Harper, Charles Hanson, Izzie Balmer and many others discover what could be an ancient coffin, a French sunburst clock, a dirty kilim rug, a 19th century butter churn and other gems.

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Seasons one through eight of “World’s Greatest” start streaming Dec. 3. The series takes viewers on a tour of the world’s finest cities, natural wonders, animal encounters, voyages and adventures, monuments, and islands. In “World’s Greatest Cities,” viewers circle the globe on a quest to discover the beating heart of the world’s most extraordinary places. In “World’s Greatest Animal Encounters,” viewers explore where killer whales cruise the coastlines and grizzlies catch fish in the wild, trek deep into the jungle to meet silver-backed gorillas and embark on an African safari. “World’s Greatest Journeys” travels along Route 66, follows the wildebeest migration across the Serengeti, choppers over the Grand Canyon, rattles through the Rocky Mountains and sails to Antarctica. “World’s Greatest Islands” celebrates the uniqueness of islands, looking at how they are formed and what makes life in each place so extraordinary. Other seasons include “World’s Greatest Natural Wonders,”  “World’s Greatest Manmade Wonders,” “World’s Greatest: Engineering Icons” and “World’s Greatest Natural Icons.”

Streaming starting Dec. 29 are four episodes of season one of “Nova: Making Stuff,” a show about technology, inventions and science. In the series, popular technology columnist David Pogue takes viewers on a tour of the material world we live in, and the one that may lie ahead. Viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at scientific innovations ushering in a new generation of materials that are stronger, smaller, cleaner and smarter.

Other titles coming to PBS Living in December include “Craft in America” season 11; “Lidia Celebrates America: Overcoming the Odds”; “Sacred”; and “Transatlantic Sessions: The Best of Folk Vol. 1.”

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