Screen Archives Acquires Rights to ‘Twilight Time’ Library

Screen Archives Acquires Rights to ‘Twilight Time’ Library

Screen Archives Entertainment May 14 announced on Facebook it has reached an agreement to purchase excess Twilight Time Movies inventory as of July 1.

The Twilight Time Blu-ray collector’s label, known for its 3,000-unit runs of catalog movies, announced May 11 it was shutting down and selling off its remaining stock, with excess product after July 1 expected to be available through, a longtime retail partner of Twilight Time.

In its Facebook post, Screen Archives announced that Twilight Time co-founder Brian Jamieson, a veteran studio executive and filmmaker, will continue to provide marketing expertise and support to Screen Archives during the transition. Twilight Time co-founder Nick Redman passed away in January 2019.

“Having worked with Brian and Nick over the years, we took this step because we have always enjoyed a good relationship with Brian (and Nick).,” Screen Archives president Craig Spaulding said in the Facebook posting. “We wanted to keep our relationship going and continue to capitalize on Brian’s years of expertise in the industry.”

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The Facebook message also stated that “the agreement ensures that the Twilight Time label will continue indefinitely, according to the principals.”

Screen Archives also originally posted that its acquisition includes the Twilight Time Website,, and the right to reissue select titles, though that portion of the message was deleted within a few hours, leading to some speculation about whether Screen Archives would release new titles under the Twilight Time banner.

“This may or may not (but doesn’t appear to) mean that Twilight Time is going to produce new content,” wrote editor Bill Hunt.

The Facebook message ends with the statement that “No further details will be made available until after July 1, 2020.”

A message at indicated that that site was overwhelmed with responses to the Twilight Time clearance sale, and thus product shipments would be delayed.

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