Samuel Goldwyn Studios Joins Allied Vaughn’s MOD Service

Samuel Goldwyn Studios has joined Allied Vaughn’s manufacture-on-demand disc service.

Among Samuel Goldwyn’s first wave of releases for MOD is the 2018 new-to-video Black Cop, available now on DVD. In the film, a police officer is pushed to the edge after being profiled and assaulted by his colleagues, setting him on a skewed mission of vengeance on the privileged in a satire about police, social media and racial tension. Directed by Cory Bowles, the film stars Ronnie Rowe Jr. (“Star Trek: Discovery”) and Sophia Walker.

Also available are The Kings Choice on Blu-ray, in which the Norwegian king faces the German war machine in 1940; Saint Ralph on DVD, starring Campbell Scott, Jennifer Tilly and Gordon Pinsent; Walk on Water on DVD; Raising Victor Vargas on DVD; and Boynton Beach Club on DVD, starring Brenda Vaccaro, Dyan Cannon and Joseph Bologna.

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