Samba TV, TCL Announce Research and Development Partnership

Analytics firm Samba TV Jan. 5 announced it has entered into a multiyear research and development venture with Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer TCL. The partnership aims to develop and deploy Samba’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and content analytics to TCL televisions.

“From pioneering the first content recognition algorithms in connected TVs, to innovating the next-generation smart-TV experience through artificial intelligence, today’s announcement … opens the door to an entirely new future where advanced AI will become the foundation of the television viewing experience,” Ashwin Navin, co-founder/CEO of Samba TV, said in a statement.

Samba TV’s technology claims to analyze on-screen content in real-time, identifying actors and actresses, brands, and products that appear as well as in-scene music and other viewing recommendations. In addition to content-recognition advances, Samba TV and TCL are rolling out so-called “Gesture Control,” where viewers can interface with the display by using hand movements for a more interactive viewing experience.

“Samba TV’s transformative AI technology will provide tremendous new capabilities that will both delight the consumer and provide exciting new possibilities for TCL to deliver new experiences and new revenue streams,” added Shaoyong Zhang, CEO of TCL Electronics.

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