Samba TV: Slight Super Bowl LVII TV/Streaming Viewership Gain

Samba TV Feb. 13 announced that Sunday night’s Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII saw a slight increase in combined TV/streaming viewing of about half a percentage point compared to last year’s Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. Both games were decided in the final minutes by three points.

Based on Samba TV’s analysis of 25 million connected TVs in the U.S., 36.7 million households watched the game this year compared to 36.5 million last year. The tally does not include mobile consumption or out-of-home viewership.

Rhianna (Shutterstock photo)

Kansas City had the highest over-indexing viewer market in the U.S., surpassing the national average by 20%; Philadelphia followed over-indexing the national average by 15%.

The halftime show featuring R&B sensation Rihanna again drew a sizeable audience, down slightly from last year’s performance. About 28.5 million households in the U.S. tuned in for the show sponsored by Apple Music, compared to the 28.7 million that tuned in for last year’s hip hop music show sponsored by Pepsi.

Samba found that Rihanna’s ability to draw in audiences reached well beyond football fans as more than 1 million households only tuned into the game when the nine-time Grammy winner’s halftime show began.

“Rihanna’s star power has only continued to grow since her last tour and album release more than half a decade ago,” Samba TV founder/CEO Ashwin Navin said in a statement.

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