Samba TV: New NBC Series ‘La Brea’ Tops TV/Streaming Viewing

Samba TV: New NBC Series ‘La Brea’ Tops TV/Streaming Viewing

With heavy promotion on “NFL Sunday Football,” new NBC primetime disaster series “La Brea” dominated live and on-demand TV/streaming consumption through Sept. 26, according to new data from Samba TV — which tracks more than 46 million opted-in TVs globally, of which 28 million are in the U.S. across 210 designated market areas.

The Sept. 28 premiere episode tracked 3.1 million U.S. households watching live and on-demand. The audience skewed above 55 years old and white (+15%). Of the top 25 DMAs, Pittsburgh over-indexed the most (+20%), followed by Denver (+17%) and Minneapolis (+13%).

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Whether the series, about a giant sink hole in L.A.’s La Brea tar pits neighborhood, has legs is another question. Previous shows with similar plotlines — “Manifest” and “Debris” — were dumped by the network (and resurrected on Netflix) before their storyline conclusion.

Meanwhile, 1.8 million U.S. households watched “The Simpsons” season 33 premiere. Viewership was down 46% from the season 32 premiere in 2020. The audience skewed slightly male (+2%), adolescent (ages 10-19 +6%), and black (+28%). Of the top 25 DMAs, Minneapolis over-indexed the most (+151%), followed by Dallas (+85%) and Tampa, Fla. (+74%).

Finally, 1.1 million U.S. households, 105,000 British households, 35,000 German/Austrian watched Marvel Studios’ “What If…?” on Disney+ during the live+six-day window. Another 289,000 U.S., 27,000 British, 15,000 German/Austrian households watched “Star Wars Visions” on the streamer.

Another 90,000 U.S., 7,000 British, 4,000 German/Austrian households  watched both premiere episodes in the L+6D window. The audience of “Visions” skewed  male (+3%), 20-24 years old (+24%) and Hispanic (+14%). Of the top 25 DMAs, Washington, D.C. over-indexed the most (+115%), followed by Sacramento, Calif., (+90%) and Portland, Ore., (+53%) for L+6D -.

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