Samba TV: Netflix Has Another Hit With ‘That ’90s Show’

Move over, “Wednesday” and “Stranger Things.” Netflix has another ratings hit on its hands with “That ’90s Show,” a sequel to “That ’70s Show,” which aired on Fox from 1998 to 2006.

The new series accounted for all of Netflix’s top 10 most-streamed shows Jan. 18 to 24, sweeping the streaming charts in its debut week, according to new data from Samba TV. The media tracking company said significant nostalgia from millennial streamers who grew up watching the original TV show saw millennials over-indexed (up 8%) compared to the national average.

Samba said 1.7 million U.S. households watched the series premiere during the live + three-day window. The premiere episode outpaced nearly every other recent reprise, reboot, or spin-off airing on other streaming platforms, drawing more than three times the audience of Peacock’s “Bel-Air,” more than four times the audience of HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl,” and six times the audience of Hulu’s “How I Met Your Father.”

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“Nearly two decades after the final episode of ‘That ’70 Show’ aired, it’s clear audiences were ready to return to the Forman’s basement,” Dallas Lawrence, SVP at Samba TV, said in a statement.

Lawrence said the Netflix reboot dominated every other streaming show, catapulting to the top of the most watched charts.

“Not only did viewers tune in big for the premiere, they continued viewing episode after episode, putting all 10 episodes of the series on the most-watched chart this week more than proving its binge-worthiness,” he said. “Not surprisingly, millennials who grew up in the era of the original show were more likely to watch than the average U.S. household.”

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