Samba TV Enters Spanish Market With Smartclip Partnership

Media measurement company Samba TV Aug. 10 announced a new strategic partnership with adtech platform Smartclip to enter the Spanish market for the first time. The expansion into Spain delivers another key pillar in Samba TV’s global growth strategy, marking the company’s fifth major international announcement this year, following the expansion of its advanced TV footprint in the Australian, British, and German markets, as well as the launch of a first-in-kind partnership in France.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, smartclip helps European broadcasters and media companies implement monetization strategies across the digital spectrum.

Samba TV’s entry into Spain marks the second consecutive top 15 world advertising market that Samba TV has entered in 2022 alone and represents the company’s latest success in expanding the reach of its industry-leading TV insights into the European market. ­­

The partnership will make Samba TV’s proprietary smart TV viewership data available to Spanish advertisers exclusively through Smartclip’s adtech platform. With 82% of the country’s adult population embracing connected TV content, this strategic partnership allows advertisers in Spain to leverage the scale and granularity of Samba TV’s ACR-powered viewership data to achieve incremental results beyond linear TV buys and measure campaign reach and frequency.

“The combination of our privacy-compliant viewership data and smartclip’s impressive tech infrastructure will empower advertisers to drive meaningful business impact and future-proof their omni-screen advertising strategies as viewership behavior continues to evolve,” David Barker, SVP of international sales at Samba TV, said in a statement.

Ángel Fernández Nebot, country manager for Spain at smartclip, said the partnership with Samba TV will allow it to achieve a strong market position in Spain.

“Together we will deliver the Spanish market far greater efficiency in the media plans of our advertisers, helping to maximize the results of their advertising investments,” Nebot said.

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