Roku Unveils Premium Roku TV OLED Reference Design

Roku Unveils Premium Roku TV OLED Reference Design

Roku Jan. 4 announced a new, premium Roku TV OLED TV reference design, now available to all Roku TV manufacture partners. The design claims to offer superior picture quality, inky black levels, outstanding contrast, highly saturated colors, smooth motion, and superior viewing angles.

Since the first Roku TV model, 11 Roku TV reference designs have gone into production — from 2K, to 4K, to 8K, and now OLED.

“This new OLED Roku TV reference design enables our brand partners to deliver the premium TV experience that OLED brings, including dark black levels, superb contrast and superior viewing angles, along with all the features that Roku users love,” Tom McFarland, VP of business development for Roku TV, said in a statement. “In addition to beautiful picture quality and our simple and easy-to-use operating system, the Roku TV program enables many of the top TV brands to offer consumers a wide variety of models and sizes to choose from.”

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