Roku: British Consumers Prefer Streaming Video to Pay-TV

New survey data released by Roku finds that for live sports, traditionally the bastion of pay-TV, 51% of British respondents are now streaming. Another 68% said having digital access to a new movie release is a key reason they would try a new streaming service.

The results come from a survey conducted by National Research Group July 24-30 on behalf of Roku, featuring 934 respondents 18 to 70 years old who watch at least five hours of TV per week via traditional pay-TV service.

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The Streaming Decade” report suggests that TV streaming has reached a tipping point, with 90% of survey respondents saying they are TV streamers, versus 70% who use traditional pay-TV services such as Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

“The findings show that streaming is becoming the norm for all ages,” Mirjam Laux, VP international at Roku, said in a statement. “With more and more new and interesting content available to consumers, streaming has become the dominant force for consumers.”

Indeed, 66% of respondents chose streaming, while 23% chose traditional pay-TV when they wanted to watch something. Nearly two-thirds of 57- to 70-year-olds agree that streaming represents better value, is more convenient and has greater variety than pay-TV.

Another 73% who have signed up for ad-supported VOD services plan to keep them, while 79% plan to keep subscription services (SVOD).

Meanwhile, TV streamers are loyal — almost two-thirds of U.K. consumers have never subscription-cycled, (where users sign up, cancel, and then sign up again). Only 3% have definite plans to cancel a subscription streaming service in the next year.

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