New Releases: Sept. 24, 2019

Theatrical, Direct-to-Video and TV Movies

Title Formats Studio
Yesterday DVD, Blu-ray, UHD, Digital Universal
Anna DVD, Blu-ray, UHD, Digital Lionsgate
Shaft (2019) DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Warner
Child’s Play (2019) DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Fox
Madness in the Method DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Cinedigm
Inside Man: Most Wanted DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Universal
A Score to Settle DVD, Blu-ray, Digital RLJ
The Tracker DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Lionsgate
Awake DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Cinedigm
The Black String DVD, Digital Lionsgate
The First King DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Well Go USA
Luz DVD, Digital Screen Media
Pavoratti Blu-ray/DVD, Digital Lionsgate
Shut Up and Play the Piano DVD, Digital 1091 Media
Daughter of the Wolf DVD, Digital Lionsgate
Skin Blu-ray, Digital Lionsgate
Jacob’s Ladder (2019) DVD, Digital Lionsgate
Burn DVD Universal
Diamantino DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Kino Lorber
The Field DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Gravitas Ventures
3 Bears Christmas DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Gravitas Ventures
All Male, All Nude: Johnsons DVD, Digital Breaking Glass
Perfect Skin DVD Indican
Drive Me Home DVD Breaking Glass


Title Formats Studio
Holocaust Blu-ray Paramount
John Carpenter’s Vampires Blu-ray Shout! Factory
Sleepy Hollow: 20th Anniversary Digibook Blu-ray Paramount
The Letter Blu-ray Warner Archive
The Set-Up Blu-ray Warner Archive
Fear No Evil Blu-ray, Digital Shout! Factory
Sleeping Beauty: Signature Collection Blu-ray, Digital Disney
101 Dalmatians: Signature Collection Blu-ray, Digital Disney
Local Hero DVD, Blu-ray Criterion
The Circus DVD, Blu-ray Criterion
Killer Crocodile DVD, Blu-ray Severin
Hellraiser: Special Edition Blu-ray MVD/Arrow
Hellbound: Hellraiser II — Special Edition Blu-ray MVD/Arrow
Skatetown USA Blu-ray Sony Pictures
The Major and the Minor Blu-ray MVD/Arrow
Maleficent UHD Disney
The Wax Mask DVD, Blu-ray Severin
The Great Waldo Pepper Blu-ray Shout! Factory
Action Jackson Blu-ray Warner Archive
Major League II Blu-ray Sony Pictures
Major League: Back to the Minors Blu-ray Sony Pictures
Quartet DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Universal/Cohen
In the Aftermath Blu-ray MVD/Arrow
A Summer in Genoa DVD, Blu-ray, Digital MPI

TV and Web Series

Title Formats Studio
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fourth Season DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Warner
Billions: Season Four DVD, Digital Paramount/CBS
American Horror Story: Apocalypse DVD, Digital Fox
Stephen King’s The Stand Blu-ray Paramount/CBS
Good Witch: Season Five DVD Cinedigm/Hallmark
One Piece: Episode of East Blue Blu-ray/DVD Funimation
WWE Super Showdown DVD, Digital WWE
8 Days: To the Moon and Back DVD, Digital PBS
Pitching In DVD RLJ/Acorn
A Place to Call Home: Season 5 Blu-ray RLJ/Acorn
Madam Secretary: Season Five DVD, Digital Paramount/CBS
Voltron: The Complete Original Series DVD Universal
Spirit: Riding Free — Seasons 5-8 DVD Universal


Digital Releases

Available Title Studio Disc Street
9/24/19 Midsommar Lionsgate 10/8/19
9/24/19 Crawl Paramount 10/15/19
9/24/19 Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans Warner 10/15/19
9/24/19 Young Justice: Outsiders — The Complete Third Season Warner 11/26/19
9/24/19 BeyBlade Burst: Season 2 — Evolution Cinedigm 10/1/19
9/24/19 Food of Love Cinedigm NA
9/24/19 Lake of Fire Cinedigm NA
9/24/19 Lie Low Cinedigm NA
9/24/19 The Painted Warrior Cinedigm NA

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