New Releases: Jan. 7, 2020


Theatrical, Direct-to-Video and TV Movies

Title Formats Studio
Joker DVD, Blu-ray, UHD, Digital Warner
The Lighthouse DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Lionsgate
Bulletproof 2 DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Universal
Trespassers DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Shout! Factory
Crown Vic DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Screen Media
Depraved Blu-ray, Digital Shout! Factory
The Nightshifter DVD RLJ/Shudder
The Shed DVD, Blu-ray RLJ
A Million Little Pieces DVD, Digital Universal
Girl on the Third Floor DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Dark Sky
Paradise Hills DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Samuel Goldwyn
Imprisoned DVD, Blu-ray Cinema Libre
Wrinkles the Clown DVD Magnolia
A Shoe Addict’s Christmas DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark
Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark
Merry & Bright DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark
Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark
Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark
Love and Sunshine DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark


Title Formats Studio
The Final Programme Blu-ray, Digital Shout! Factory
Holiday DVD, Blu-ray Criterion
Brick Blu-ray Kino Lorber
The Hellbenders DVD, Blu-ray Kino Lorber
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone DVD, Blu-ray Kino Lorber
The Specialists DVD, Blu-ray Kino Lorber
Doctor Cyclops Blu-ray Kino Lorber
Cobra Woman Blu-ray Kino Lorber
The Slasher Blu-ray Kino Lorber
British Noir II DVD Kino Lorber
The Omega Syndrome DVD, Blu-ray Kino/Scorpion
Stand Alone DVD, Blu-ray Kino/Scorpion

TV and Web Series

Title Formats Studio
Big Little Lies: The Complete Second Season DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Warner
Vera: Set 9 DVD BBC Studios
Black Clover: Season 2 — Part 2 Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Funimation
Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl – Battle Dimension: The Complete Season DVD Warner
Zombie Land Saga: Season One Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Funimation
Beserk: The Complete Series Blu-ray/Digital Funimation
The Cry: Series 1 DVD RLJ/Acorn
American Masters: Rothko — Pictures Must Be Miraculous DVD, Digital PBS
Nature: Okavango — River of Dreams DVD, Digital PBS
Frontline: Fire in Paradise DVD, Digital PBS


Digital Releases

Available Title Studio Disc Street
1/7/20 Countdown Universal 1/21/20
1/7/20 Snatchers Warner 2/18/20
1/6/20 His Dark Materials: Season 1 Warner NA
1/7/20 Summer Days With Coo Shout! Factory 1/21/20
1/6/20 I Love You, Now Die HBO NA
1/7/20 Sequence Break RLJ/Shudder NA

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