New Releases: Feb. 19, 2019

Theatrical, Direct-to-Video and TV Movies

Title Formats Studio
A Star Is Born (2018) DVD, Blu-ray, UHD, Digital Warner
Overlord DVD, Blu-ray, UHD, Digital Paramount
Robin Hood (2018) DVD, Blu-ray, UHD, Digital Lionsgate
Can You Ever Forgive Me? DVD, Digital Fox
Sgt. Will Gardner DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Cinedigm
Backtrace DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Lionsgate
Iceman: The Time Traveler DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Well Go USA
The Last Race DVD Magnolia
The Brawler DVD, Digital Lionsgate
Captain Morten and the Spider Queen DVD, Digital The Orchard
Antidote DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Gravitas Ventures
Duke DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Gravitas Ventures
Honeyglue DVD, Digital Breaking Glass
Memphis Majic DVD, Blu-ray Gravitas Ventures
Candles on Bay Street DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark
Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark
Harvest of Fire DVD, Digital Cinedigm/Hallmark
Narcissister Organ Player DVD, Digital Film Movement


Title Formats Studio
Year of the Dragon Blu-ray Warner Archive
Death in Venice DVD, Blu-ray Criterion
Youngblood Blu-ray Kino Lorber
Cry Baby Blu-ray Universal
Backbeat Blu-ray Shout! Factory
Dracula’s Fiancée/Lost in New York DVD, Blu-ray Redemption
My Name Is Julia Ross Blu-ray MVD/Arrow
Dracula (1979) Blu-ray, Digital Universal
So Dark the Night Blu-ray MVD/Arrow
Hard Target Blu-ray, Digital Universal
Color Me Blood Red Blu-ray MVD/Arrow
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Film Movement
The Siege at Ruby Ridge DVD Kino Lorber
Barb Wire Blu-ray Mill Creek
The Rundown Blu-ray Mill Creek
The Legend of Billie Jean (Retro VHS) Blu-ray Mill Creek

TV and Web Series

Title Formats Studio
Doctor Who: Resolution DVD, Blu-ray, Digital BBC
American Masters: Sammy Davis, Jr. — I’ve Gotta Be Me DVD PBS
Nova: Operation Bridge Rescue DVD PBS
Babylon 5: The Gathering/In the Beginning DVD-R Warner Archive
Babylon 5: The Lost Tales DVD-R Warner Archive
Mazinger Z: Infinity DVD, Blu-ray Warner
Octonauts: Reef Rescue DVD NCircle
Lonesome Dove (Mini-Series Masterpieces) DVD Mill Creek
Scarlet (Mini-Series Masterpieces) DVD Mill Creek
The Odyssey (Mini-Series Masterpieces) DVD Mill Creek
Titanic (Mini-Series Masterpieces) DVD Mill Creek
Moby Dick (Mini-Series Masterpieces) DVD Mill Creek
Cleopatra (Mini-Series Masterpieces) DVD Mill Creek
The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Mini-Series Masterpieces) DVD Mill Creek


Digital Releases

Available Title Studio Disc Street
2/19/19 Green Book Universal 3/12/19
2/19/19 Instant Family Paramount 3/5/19
2/19/19 Mary Queen of Scots Universal 2/26/19
2/19/19 Mortal Engines Universal 3/12/19
2/19/19 Ben Is Back Lionsgate 3/5/19
2/19/19 The Possession of Hannah Grace Sony Pictures 2/26/19
2/19/19 Doobious Business The Orchard NA
2/19/19 Madness Farewell Cinedigm NA
2/19/19 Proxy Kill Cinedigm NA
2/19/19 Sparta Cinedigm NA
2/19/19 Forbidden Cuba Under the Milky Way NA

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