New Releases: Dec. 25, 2018

Theatrical, Direct-to-Video and TV Movies

Title Formats Studio
White Boy Rick DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Sony Pictures
A Cam Life DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Gravitas Ventures
The Go-Getters DVD, Blu-ray Gravitas Ventures
Brown Girl Begins DVD, Blu-ray Gravitas Ventures
Holy Hell DVD Indican


Title Formats Studio
Deadpool: The Complete Collection (For Now) Blu-ray, UHD Fox
Uptown Romance: Four-Film Favorites DVD Warner

TV and Web Series

Title Formats Studio
Sacred DVD, Digital PBS

* Subject to rental delay at some outlets


Digital Releases

Available Title Studio Disc Street
12/28/18 Halloween (2018) Universal 1/15/19
12/25/18 Goosebumps 2 Sony Pictures 1/15/19
12/25/18 American Renegades Lionsgate 1/22/19

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