Report: Netflix Most-Recommended Brand in 2018

With more than 130 million subscribers globally, including about 57 million in the United States, Netflix’s appeal would appear to supersede conventional marketing.

Indeed, a new report from tech data firm Morning Consult found Netflix bested other brands when it came to who survey respondents were most-likely to recommend to others. Overall, 74% of adults said they would be very likely to recommend the streaming service.

That word-of-mouth recommendation goes up to 77% among younger adults age 18-21 (or Gen. Z) and millennials (22-37 year-olds); and 75% among Gen. X (39-53) and 69% among baby boomers (54-74 years old).

Separately, Amazon, for the second year, rated the most-loved brand with a 78.7% favorable rating nationwide. Walmart finished as the brand most respondents (69%) said they were likely to purchase from.

The results are based on 1.5 million domestic survey interviews conducted from the first quarter through early Q4, featuring from 5,000 to 10,000 consumers 18+ queried daily.




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