Report: Men, Young Adults Most Eager for Theatrical Re-Opening

With major exhibitors AMC Theatres, Regal Cinema, Imax and Cinemark set to re-open U.S. screens in August, much of the entertainment industry’s fiscal future depends on how comfortable consumers feel attending confined indoor spaces during the coronavirus pandemic.

New data from JustWatch found that in the United States, the rate of moviegoers wanting to return to the cinema after the lockdown is about 10%-20% lower than in other countries.  Men (58%) and users under the age of 25 (60%) are most interested in re-visiting the movie theater.

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Not surprisingly, the data found that avid moviegoers feel less risk returning to theaters compared to the occasional consumer. Age plays a factor as well with younger moviegoers less adverse to sitting in confined spaces eating popcorn compared to older demos.

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