Report: 1 Million U.S. Homes Added Broadband in Q1, Down From 2020

The nation’s top multichannel video providers may be losing subscribers to over-the-top video distribution, but the same providers are also the top ISPs — delivering the broadband required to stream Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video into homes.

New data from Leichtman Research found that the largest cable and telecom providers in the U.S. — representing about 96% of the market — acquired more than 1 million net broadband subscribers in 1Q 2021 — down 13% from a gain of about 1.17 million subs in 1Q 2020.

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The broadband providers now account for about 107 million subs, with cable companies having about 73.7 million broadband subs, telecoms having about 33.3 million subscribers.

The top cable companies added about 935,000 subs in 1Q 2021 — 76% of the net additions for the top cable companies in 1Q 2020. Telecoms added about 85,000 total broadband subs in 1Q 2021 — compared with a net loss of about 60,000 subs in 1Q 2020

Net broadband losses among non-fiber telecom subs were more than offset by gains of more than 400,000 net fiber subs, bringing the number of telecom fiber broadband subs to about 14.6 million.

“This broadband growth marked the fourth time in the past five quarters that there were more than one million net broadband additions in the U.S.,” analyst Bruce Leichtman said in a statement. “Over the past year, there were about 4.66 million net broadband adds, compared to about 2.76 million net broadband adds over the prior year.”

Broadband Providers Subscribers at end of 1Q 2021 Net Adds in 1Q 2021
Cable Companies
Comcast 31 million 460,000
Charter 29.2 million 355,000
Cox 5.4 million 55,000
Altice 4.4 million 11,600
Mediacom 1.5 million 16,000
Cable One 880,000 23,000
WOW (Wide Open West) 823,800 10,000
Atlantic Broadband 511,004 6,383
Total Top Cable 73.7 million 936,983
Wireline Phone Companies
AT&T 15.4 million 51,000
Verizon 7.2 million 64,000
CenturyLink/Lumen^ 4.7 million (39,000)
Frontier 3 million (17,000)
Windstream 1.12 million 13,000
Consolidated 794,224 2,024
TDS 501,700 8,400
Cincinnati Bell 437,600 1,500
Total Top Telco 33.3 million 83,924
Total Top Broadband 107 million 1.02 million

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