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Remembering Ronnee Sass

Ronnee Sass’ storied career in entertainment publicity goes back 40 years to when she worked in film distribution in her native Baltimore. For nearly 20 years, beginning in 1995, Ms. Sass — who died March 20 after a battle with leukemia — was a core member of the publicity team at Warner Home Video, now Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Her focus on theatrical catalog put her in touch with many famous stars, from Clint Eastwood to Lauren Bacall. Here is a photographic retrospective of Ms. Sass’ career. Thanks to home entertainment industry veteran Carl Samrock for helping us assemble this collage.

One thought on “Remembering Ronnee Sass”

  1. I’m always amazed at how many of us are connected and today was another occurrence – though sad. Since the early 1980s I’ve been a music and entertainment journalist and video reviewer (first VHS, then DVD and BD) I’ve met many great publicists who were always helpful and became “friends”. Then as they left their jobs or the company they worked for changed, we lost touch. But those names were ALWAYS in my mind. (BTW I’m still doing lots of reviews both in print and on line.)

    I’ve been getting the print edition of what is now Media Play News for decades (as far back as when it was called Video Store Magazine) and yesterday I got the April 2021 issue. (Blame the post office). There on page 8 was news that publicist (and old friend) Ronnee Sass died in March after a battle with Leukemia. Ronnee left Warner Brothers (where she always made sure I got screeners of the reissue projected spearheaded by George Feltenstein) in 2014 and we lost touch. But seeing the long article (thank you Tom Arnold) and her photo brought back fond memories. There were also other WB folks I loved working with, like Karen Penhale and Carl Samrock.

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