Reelgood Data: Disney’s ‘Turning Red’ Most-Streamed Movie Through March 23

The new Disney/Pixar Animation movie Turning Red was the most-streamed movie for the week through March 23 — just two weeks after its Disney+ release on March 11, according to new data from Reelgood, which tracks digital video consumption across 5 million users. Red has also generated more than $8.6 million at the select foreign theatrical markets.

Apple TV+ original series “Severance” was the No. 1 series for the third consecutive week. Netflix’s The Adam Project and Hulu’s Deep Water made the top five — which also included the second season of “Upload” at No. 5, with “WeCrashed” (Apple TV+) and Windfall making the top 10.

Top 10 Shows and Movies of the Week:

1. Turning Red (Disney+)
2. “Severance” (Apple TV+)
3. The Adam Project (Netflix)
4. Deep Water (Hulu)
5. “Upload” (Amazon Prime Video)
6. “The Dropout” (Hulu)
7. “WeCrashed”(Apple TV+)
8. Fresh (Hulu)
9. “Pieces of Her” (Netflix)
10. Windfall (Netflix)

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