Redbox, Warner Strike Same-Day DVD, Blu-ray Disc Deal

Redbox, Warner Strike Same-Day DVD, Blu-ray Disc Deal

Redbox and Warner Bros. June 27 announced a new agreement bringing all newly released DVDs and Blu-ray Discs from Warner Bros. to Redbox kiosks on the same day as their initial release.

Previously, there was a one-week delay. And before the one-week delay was instituted in May 2017,  Warner withheld new DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases from Redbox kiosks for 28 days, fearing that inexpensive rental availability would cannibalize sales — particularly since Redbox kiosks are often situated outside, or inside near the entrance to, big retailer disc sellers such as Walmart.

That rationale is no longer valid, Redbox CEO told Media Play News in February 2018. “We reach a different segment of the market, so I think there’s a better understanding today of the benefits Redbox provides to the studios,” he said. “This view that sellthrough is being hurt by rental, that’s a pretty outdated view of the world, I think. The studios understand it’s a great opportunity to serve a customer base they might not otherwise serve.”

The new agreement with Warner Bros. also maintains new-release and catalog availability via Redbox On Demand at first release.

“We’re thrilled to announce this day-and-date agreement with Warner Bros. that provides the consistently strong slate of Warner Bros. titles to consumers at their earliest physical retail sell-through availability,” Smith said in a statement. “We appreciate the partnership with Warner Bros. in making their content accessible to Americans – whether for rental or purchase, on disc or On Demand.”

“Warner Bros. is pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Redbox,” said Mike Takac, EVP of  sales at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. “We’re aligned in our mutual goal of satisfying consumer demand for Warner Bros. content — in any format, across platforms.”

Upcoming new releases from Warner Bros. include Rampage (July 17) and Ready Player One (July 24).

The Redbox retail network now includes more than 41,500 kiosks and has more locations than Starbucks’ and McDonald’s in the U.S. combined. Redbox offers movies and video games for rental and purchase at a great deal, starting at $1.75 a night for a DVD rental.

Redbox On Demand offers many of the same new-release movies available at the Box, and an expanded library of hit movies and TV shows, for convenient rental or purchase On Demand.

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