Redbox Unveils New Loyalty Program

Redbox Unveils New Loyalty Program

Redbox Jan. 29 has rolled out a revamped loyalty program, Redbox Perks. Replacing Redbox Play Pass, Redbox Perks gives customers more opportunities to earn points, which can then be redeemed for free rentals and other rewards, through a tiered VIP program.

The more customers rent and buy movies and games, either at rental kiosks on online through the new Redbox On Demand program, the more points they get.

Members of the new loyalty program achieve “Star” status after making 10 rentals or purchases each calendar year. “Superstar” and “Legend” can be achieved by making 20 and 50 rentals or purchases each calendar year, respectively. Once members reach each status, they will receive an exclusive welcome gift and additional opportunities to earn points and rewards. In addition to earning free DVD, Blu-ray and game rentals, Redbox Perks members will soon have the option to choose rewards from Redbox partners.

Under Redbox Perks, instead of just earning points per rental, customers will now earn points per night. Additionally, customers now have the opportunity to earn higher point values when renting Blu-ray Discs and video games.

“We’re recognizing and rewarding members for making smart home-entertainment choices with their hard-earned dollars,” said Ash Eldifrawi, chief marketing and customer experience officer at Redbox. “The updated loyalty program increases the value of each Redbox experience.”

The transition for existing members of Redbox Play Pass is simple, Redbox says, as all points will be migrated into the new system. The new points balance will equal the same number of one-night rentals away from a reward as it did under the flagship loyalty program. To see new Redbox Perks point balances with the Redbox app, customers should sign out of their accounts and sign back in.

“Redbox customers deserve significant rewards for significant loyalty,” Eldifrawi said. “We’re excited to offer benefits above and beyond free rentals with the updates to Redbox Perks.”

More than 27 million Redbox customers are members of the current loyalty program, and according to a recent Omnibus survey, nearly half (48%) of all Americans find out what’s new in home entertainment from Redbox.

2 thoughts on “Redbox Unveils New Loyalty Program”

  1. I did not think RedBox would still be here. With all the online movies things & all.
    But they are. They must be doing something right…
    Power to them

    1. Don’t be surprised if Apollo Global Management takes Redbox back to being a publicly traded company with an IPO before the end of the year. Redbox is not doing very well now. They are trying different programs and pricing structures, hoping something sticks to the wall.

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