Production Exec: Netflix ‘One of the Sexiest Players in the Market’

Creative types are lining up to work for Netflix, according to a top production executive.

“Netflix is one of the sexiest players in the market,” said Lisa Perrin, CEO, creative networks, Endemol Shine Group, Feb. 6 at the Digital Entertainment World conference in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

“It’s a great experience when you work for Netflix,” she said. “That is very different from a lot of the linear players, frankly.”

The SVOD pioneer offers creative types more freedom on who they work with and other perks, she said.

“In a playground, they’re who you want to hang out with,” she said.

During a discussion with Tony Emerson, managing director, worldwide media and entertainment, Microsoft, she also addressed the effect of artificial intelligence on production and marketing.

Endemol Shine is “the biggest production company in the world,” she noted, producing shows such as “Broadchurch,” “Black Mirror,” “Peaky Blinders,” “Fear Factor,” “Master Chef,” “The Biggest Loser” and “Big Brother.”

AI has allowed her company to more readily find exciting footage in the hours and hours of footage shot for “Big Brother,” saving time in editing. The show can also use biometrics and face recognition to find pertinent footage.

“Creatively, I think AI really opens up massive doors,” she said, noting that it could give super fans on social media access to real-time footage that they can edit and post.

Queried whether AI might affect the type of programming created by favoring repetitive content, she said, “I don’t think AI will make it neutral. I don’t think it will serve up the same thing again and again.”

She noted that Netflix and Amazon are using AI, “and yet some of the stories they are delivering up are the most different.”

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