Pluto TV Introduces New Channels, Categories and Content

ViacomCBS’s AVOD service Pluto TV is introducing new categories and reorganizing channels and programming to better suite content themes and genres.

Audiences will now have 15 categories to choose from, with new and existing programming. They include Movies, Entertainment, Featured, News + Opinion, Reality, Crime, Comedy, Classic TV, Home + DIY, Explore, Sports, Gaming + Anime, Music, Latino and Kids.

Pluto TV is also launching a dozen new channels. They include:

  • a 24/7 “Three’s Company” channel;
  • a channel of episodes of “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson”;
  • Dabl, an over the air network featuring lifestyle experts, including “The Martha Stewart Show,” “Essence of Emeril,” “Cesar 911,” “Escape to the Country” and “Kitchen Nightmares”;
  • Loupe, a streaming art experience representing artists from around the world with hi-res visuals alongside music;
  • a 24/7 “The Rifleman” channel;
  • Demand Africa, offering access to a curated collection of Afrocentric TV shows, series, soaps, movies and lifestyle entertainment from Africa and the diaspora in the world;
  • Western TV, with such golden era Western series as “Walker Texas Ranger,” “The Lone Ranger,”” The Real McCoys,” “Hopalong Cassidy,” “The Adventures of Champion” and “The Rifleman”;
  • Classic TV Comedy, featuring everything from sitcoms to star-studded variety shows, including “Married With Children,” “Dennis the Menace,” “Roseanne” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show”;
  • Classic TV Drama, featuring such shows as “21 Jump Street,” “Sherlock Holmes” (1954) and “The Ray Bradbury Theater”;
  • Pluto TV Love Stories, featuring such shows as “McCleod’s Daughters,” “Failure to Launch,” “Elizabethtown” and “William & Kate”;
  • Pluto TV Fantastic, featuring such shows as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows,” “Monster Trucks,” “Spiderwick Chronicles” and “Stardust”; and
  • Pluto TV Suspense, featuring such titles as “Escaping Polygamy,” “Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen,” “Her Infidelity” and “Murder on the 13th Floor.”


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Announced in July, new classic programming from CBS continues to roll out across Pluto TV.  New series debuting on Pluto TV include “JAG” on TV Land Drama, “America’s Next Top Model” on Pluto TV Best Life and Pluto TV Celebrity, “Everybody Hates Chris” on TV Land Sitcoms, and “Moesha” on TV Land Sitcoms and BET Her.

With a global audience of more than 33 million monthly active users from more than 200 premium content providers, Pluto TV is available on all major mobile, connected TV and desktop devices.

2 thoughts on “Pluto TV Introduces New Channels, Categories and Content”

  1. I am really glad they have the ray bradbury theater. I have been a fan since I was of him since I was a little kid.

  2. Does Pluto TV have a seperate channel for Gay and Lesbian content I cannot seem to find anything except I did a Search and found a few programs but it was mixed with other content. I strickly want a gay and Lesbian content channel.

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