PlumResearch Ranks Least and Most Engaging Shows on Netflix in U.S. in First Half

PlumResearch Ranks Least and Most Engaging Shows on Netflix in U.S. in First Half

“The Mindy Project” season six was the most engaging content and “House of Fubar” season one was the least engaging content among series released in the first have of the year on Netflix in the United States, according to a study from PlumResearch.

Each series considered in the ranking was exclusively produced domestically and has six or more episodes. Also, only scripted, non-animated/non-children content was considered. 

PlumResearch used completion rate for its ranking. A higher completion rate defined a show that was more engaging, a lower completion defined a show that was less engaging. For a series, the metric was the percentage of unique viewers who fully watched all of the episodes of a single season to all unique viewers who fully watched the first episode in the season. Note that the definition of a “fully watched episode” is any viewing of an episode where the viewing time is at least 70% of the entire episode’s duration. 

“A show’s lifespan can be very short. If a TV series does not attract the attention of the audience and cannot keep them hooked and engaged, the audience runs away,” Magdalena Sosna, global marketing and communications manager at PlumResearch, said in a statement. 

Led by “The Mindy Project” — from Emmy Award-nominated writer-producer Mindy Kaling, previously available on Hulu and acquired by Netflix in January — comedies dominated the list of the most engaging series with seven of the top 10. The list was rounded out by action adventure “Vikings: Valhalla” season two and the dramas “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” season one and “New Amsterdam” season three. The shows on the top of the list also featured shorter, 30 minute episodes with the second half of the most-engaging ranking having longer episodes. About 75% of the most engaging series on the list are Netflix productions that achieved the most unique viewers and total hours watched results in PlumResearch weekly rankings, too.

Conversely, action adventures and dramas dominated the least engaging list. The leader was season one of “House of Anubis,” which originally aired on Nickelodeon from 2011 to 2013. Notably, “Fubar,” with a season one that made it one of the least engaging shows, has been renewed for a second season. It’s an action spy comedy featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first leading role in a live-action TV series.

Of the 10 least engaging titles, most regularly appeared in the weekly top 10 based on the unique viewer statistics, with series such as “Fubar” and “Kaleidoscope” taking the highest positions in the rankings, but that was not translate to a high completion rate. Although these series attract many viewers, fewer of them finish watching the entire season, PlumResearch noted. “Kaleidoscope” has a unique format with a randomized order of episodes, which may discourage further viewing, with a less than 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the research firm noted. Though popular, season one of “S.W.A.T. ” has been available for more than five years, which means many viewers may have already seen the show. The same is true for “New Amsterdam,” where there are vast differences in completion rates between the first and third season. The “Pasión de Gavilanes” and “La Reina del Sur series” have 82 and 60 episodes, respectively, averaging 45 minutes each, making it challenging to achieve a high completion rate.

For each chart, total hours watched is the total time, in hours, that the given piece of content was viewed by all profiles consuming content. 

Poland-based PlumResearch touts itself as having the world’s largest online audience panels and provides its clients with insights from more than 77 markets worldwide. Through Showlabs  —  the proprietary platform created by PlumResearch  —  the company’s clients can find out how shows and movies perform worldwide and track what contributes to their success.

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