Peacock Streaming Service Tops 42 Million Sign-Ups; Eyeing Expansion Overseas With Sky

Comcast April 29 disclosed that NBCUniversal’s branded Peacock subscription streaming video platform has 42 million sign-ups to date across the United States. The platform, which launched nationwide July 15, 2020, ended last year with 33 million sign-ups. Comcast cited benefits from the recent addition of exclusive domestic streaming rights to WWE Network and re-runs of “The Office,” for the increased sign-ups.

Sign-ups versus SVOD subscriptions is key since Peacock is a hybrid business model where sign-ups to the AVOD option are required to attract advertisers, and can lead to paid subscriptions.

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Peacock, which includes an ad-supported free option; $4.99 monthly tier with ads (free to Comcast and Cox pay-TV subs); and $9.99 ad-free tier, had reached 26 million subs by Dec. 8, 2020. It is projected to reach 35 million subscribers by 2024, according to Comcast.

“We are off to a great start in 2021,” Chairman/CEO Brian Roberts said in a statement. “Monthly users of the service are consuming 20% more programming hours each month than our traditional audience on NBC.”

Roberts said more than 1 billion hours of Peacock programming has been consumed — nearly double the hours projected.

“This strength in users and engagement has enabled us to create additional advertising inventory … with cost-per-thousands (CPMs) at a material premium,” he said.

Roberts said management is exploring using its U.K.-based Sky satellite TV distributor to expand Peacock’s presence across Europe.

“We’re looking to…strike partnerships with local programmers and distributors in geographies where it makes sense,” he said.


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