PBS Releasing 50th Anniversary ‘Mister Rogers’ DVD Collection

PBS Distribution is commemorating the 50th anniversary of iconic children’s educational show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” with a special DVD release of 32 episodes from the series.

The four-disc Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: It’s A Beautiful Day Collection arrives March 27 and carries a list price of $19.99 (many online retailers are offering preorders for $14.99 or lower). Episodes of the program are available now for digital download.

The DVD set will include episodes from the 1979-2001 run of the show. As a bonus, the collection will include the series premiere in its original black-and-white format.

After some regional success with children’s programming, Fred Rogers broadcast his show to a national audience for the first time Feb. 19, 1968. Through his popular daily TV visits, generations of young children grew up with the kind and gentle Mister Rogers, who entertained with real-life guests, educational field trips and adventures into the land of make-believe. Episodes were produced until 2001, featuring such celebrity guest stars as Tony Bennett, Julia Child, Margaret Hamilton, Michael Keaton, Yo-Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, Rita Moreno and Bill Nye.

Outside the show, Rogers famously advocated for public funding of children’s programming during U.S. Senate hearings. He also provided court testimony in support of using videocassettes to record television programming for personal use, later cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in drafting the fair use exemption to copyright law.

Rogers died of stomach cancer in 2003, but the spirit of the show lives on in an animated spin-off, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”

Episodes featured on the It’s A Beautiful Day DVD set include:

  • “Helping Children Know What to Expect at School”
  • “Creating with Friends is Different than Playing Alone”
  • “Play is the Work of Childhood”
  • “Respecting All Living Creatures”
  • “Opera Day”
  • “Ups and Downs of Friendship”
  • “Learning about Rules and Limits”
  • “Appreciating the People Who Came Before”
  • “Food and Love Go Hand in Hand”
  • “Music As a Way to Express Feelings”
  • “Families Come in Different Shapes and Sizes”
  • “Celebrating Big and Little Things”
  • “Lots of Different Things for Play and Pretending”
  • “Each Person is Unique – Yet We All Have Much in Common”
  • “Being Kind to Ourselves and Others”
  • “Nobody Knows What You’re Thinking Unless You Tell Them”
  • “Games Can Be Fun, But Not If You’re Left Out”
  • “Recycling and Other Ways to Care for Our Planet”
  • “Learning to Take Care of Yourself”
  • “Trying on Different Roles”
  • “We All Have Art Inside of Us”
  • “Understanding Concepts of Up and Down”
  • “The Strength of Love – Even Through Angry Times”
  • “Appreciating our Uniqueness”
  • “Some Things Change … Some Things Stay the Same”
  • “Needing Help and Giving Help”
  • “Feeling Good About Who We Are”
  • “Encouraging Generosity and Gratitude”
  • “Strengths and Limitations, Abilities and Disabilities”
  • “Wondering and Asking Questions”
  • “Enjoying Books and Recognizing Symbols”
  • “Valuing All Kinds of Art”

One thought on “PBS Releasing 50th Anniversary ‘Mister Rogers’ DVD Collection”

  1. This is great! Today’s children need to watch this show, proven in a study to actually INCREASE childrens’ attention span—unlike most programming which encourages ADD behavior. Slow down, ask questions, see how things are made, discuss feelings—kids today have no patience because everything is “instant”—food, music, solutions, “ask Seri” etc-ugh! Imagine if power were out for longer than a day—they seldom even read books anymore.

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