PBS Kids Launches Spanish-Language Shows on Amazon Prime Video Channel

PBS Distribution has launched Spanish-language versions of a variety of PBS Kids programs on the PBS Kids Amazon Prime Video Channel.

Spanish-language versions of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” “Dinosaur Train,” “Scigirls,” “Cyberchase” and “Caillou” debuted on the PBS Kids Amazon Prime Video Channel May 24.

“We’re excited to expand our PBS KIDS channel offering to include a selection of episodes presented in Spanish,” said Andrea Downing, co-president, PBS Distribution, in a statement. “Our aim is to provide educational and entertaining programming for all kids, and this expansion helps further that mission.”

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The launch includes a total of 30 episodes of PBS Kids programming available in Spanish. Subscribers of the PBS Kids Amazon Prime Channel will not need to pay any extra fee for the newly available programs.

4 thoughts on “PBS Kids Launches Spanish-Language Shows on Amazon Prime Video Channel”

  1. Why are the episodes replacing English episodes on channel 12? They have been in Spanish since last week. None of the other shows are Spanish and my grandkids and I are getting tired of having to find something else to watch.

  2. Sandy, you mistakenly have the SAP turned on on your TV. PBS broadcasts some shows in English & Spanish. If you have SAP turned on, it’ll play the Spanish language feed on any show (on any channel) that broadcasts a secondary Spanish feed. Turn off SAP and only English will play when shows come on. 😉

  3. I can’t find any of the episodes. They all seem to be only in English. This is getting old and frustrating. Netflix and Disney+ have plenty of options in Spanish. We are watching Amazon/PBS less and less because of this!

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