PBS Kids Bows New Episodes of ‘Pinkalicious & Peterrific’ for Valentine’s Day

PBS Kids is celebrating Valentine’s Day with new episodes of “Pinkalicious & Peterrific.”

The new season kicks off Feb. 10 during PBS Kids Family Movie Night with the re-air of the hour-long special “Cupid Calls It Quits.” In the special, Pinkalicious and Peter befriend Cupid who overs them a trade: he’ll become a real kid for a day while Pinkalicious become cupid.

The new episodes premiere on Feb. 13. In the new lineup, audiences will join Pinkalicious and her friends in Pinkville on new adventures, including taking advantage of the last days of snow, becoming immersed in an art exhibit, and working together to help their community. 

The new episodes are available to watch on PBS Kids (check local listings), streaming on PBS Kids, the PBS Kids YouTube channel.

In “Snow Alarm,” after a winter with no snow, Pinkalicious and Peter learn that they may have one last chance at a snow day when it’s forecasted for that very night. Together they invent a snow alarm to alert them when the first snowflake touches the ground.

In “The Pinkest Reward,” when Pinkalicious earns a ribbon for her good deeds the rest of her friends are inspired to make ribbons too, but this leaves Pinkalicious feeling hers is less special. To make her feel better, her friends come together to give back to the community just like she did.

In “Giganto Powder,” Pinkalicious and Peter use Mommy’s new invention — Giganto Powder — to make things grow big.

In “The Extraordinary Art Experience,” Pinkalicious and Rafael get to go to a special art museum exhibit where the paintings come to life. When a girl from a painting, named Fuchsia, jumps out of her painting and doesn’t want to go back, they have to show her why her painting is so special.

In “The Pinkminster Dog Show,” Pinkalicious helps Rafael train his dog Rusty to enter the Pinkminster Dog Show, but the judges are in for a big surprise when Rusty’s tricks are very different from the other dogs performing.

In “Do Over Ray,” Mommy’s new invention, the Do-Over Ray, gives people the chance to try something again if they mess up. But when the machine malfunctions and ruins one of her paintings, Pinkalicious learns that sometimes it’s better to fix things yourself.

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In addition to the new episodes, the Pinkamusical Garden game will be available in a Valentine’s Day season mode all month, available on or the PBS Kids Games app.

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