PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel Unveils COVID-19 Collection

The PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel has launched a special collection of documentaries entitled “Processing the Pandemic,” featuring programs that highlight the many different aspects of how COVID-19 disrupted everyday life and how different countries and communities handled it.

The titles include “The Virus: What Went Wrong,” “Death Is Our Business/Love, Life and the Virus,” “The Virus That Shook the World,” “China’s COVID Secrets,” “America’s Medical Supply Crisis,” “Iraq’s Assassins/Yemen’s COVID Cover-up,” “COVID’s Hidden Toll,” “Outbreak” and “Pandemic in Seattle.”

The subscription rate for the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel is $3.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

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Other titles being added to the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel in March are: “Awakening in Taos: The Mabel Dodge Luhan Story”; “Frontline: Age of Easy Money,” due March 14; “Girl Talk,” due March 17; “Secrets of the Dead: Decoding Hieroglyphics,” due March 24; and “The Movement and the Madman,” due March 28.

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