Parrot Analytics: Netflix Still Dominant as Original Content Producer

Netflix may have lost 200,000 subscribers and tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization following a disappointing first-quarter results, but the streaming pioneer still dominates the SVOD market when it comes to original content, according to new data from Parrot Analytics.

The research firm found that the SVOD pioneer saw 42.4% market share demand for its original content in the first quarter, ended March 31. That compared with 9% demand for original content from Amazon Prime Video, 8.3% for Disney+ and 7% for Hulu.

Interestingly, Parrot contends Paramount+, which saw just 2.7% market share demand for original content in Q1, could narrow the gap with streaming consumers as it rolls out original series and movies from Paramount Pictures and Showtime.

“While this ranking is less than ideal, Paramount’s share in this category is growing, sitting at 5% in Q1 2022 — up 31.6% [from the previous-year quarter] at 3.8%,” Parrot wrote. “This is a good sign because demand for original content is a key leading indicator of subscriber growth for SVODs.”

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