Parrot Analytics: Netflix Dominates Demand for Streaming Originals in Q4, While Disney Owns the Most

The most in-demand streaming original series can be found on Netflix, but Disney owns the most, according to Parrot Analytics streaming report card for Q4 2022, released March 9.

The report card analyzes the major streaming platforms from five media companies that control more than two-thirds of all U.S. demand for TV content: Disney (Disney+ & Hulu), Warner Bros. Discovery (HBO Max & Discovery+), Paramount Global (Paramount+), NBCUniversal (Peacock) and Netflix. It also includes demand data for Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video, whose parent companies do not break out subscriber or revenue numbers for their entertainment platforms, but who stand out in audience demand share and major awards recognition.

The report combines subscriber and revenue data from corporate earnings reports with Parrot’s exclusive audience demand data to compare audience demands with financial performance.

Netflix is No.1 for U.S. platform demand share for all streaming originals in the last three months of 2022, with 40.9%, though that’s down from 43.6% a year earlier. Amazon Prime Video was No. 2 with 8.8%, Disney+ was No. 3 with 8.5%, Apple TV+ was No. 4 with 6.9%, and Hulu was No. 5 with 5.3%

Global platform demand share for all streaming originals was also dominated by Netflix, with 39.6%, followed by Prime Video with 11.1%, Disney+ with 10.2%, Apple TV+ with 6.4% and Hulu with 5.3%.

However, because Disney controls both Disney+ and Hulu, the Walt Disney Co. was No. 1 in terms of demand shares for series by corporate owner in Q4 2022, with 20.2%, up from 19.7% a year earlier. Warner Bros. Discover, which controls both HBO Max and Discovery+, was No. 2 with 17.3%. Paramount, owner of Paramount+ and Showtime’s streaming channel, had 12.0%. NCBUniversal with its Peacock platform and a stake in Hulu had 10%. Netflix owns just 8.5% of the most in-demand streaming content, largely due to licensing content from and partnering with other studios to produce it. “Other” owners accounted for 31.9% of streaming.

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