Parrot Analytics: Disney+ Second Only to Netflix in U.S. Originals Demand

Disney+ is the second-most in-demand platform for original series with U.S. audiences. and The Walt Disney Company is in first place in corporate demand share, according to data from Parrot Analytics.

Disney+ became the second-most in-demand streaming service for original content with American audiences for the first time ever last quarter with an 8.9% share, leaping over longtime second place holder Amazon Prime Video with 8.6%, according to Parrot.

Disney remains far and away the top media conglomerate in the United States when it comes to corporate demand share — a consolidation of original demand where platforms are combined based on their corporate parent, according to Parrot. Disney’s 20.1% share last quarter was well ahead of second place ViacomCBS (13.1%). Disney’s share is larger than the combined share of WarnerMedia and Discovery (12.1% + 7.1% = 19.2%), which are in the process of merging. Collectively, the six largest media corporations control almost three quarters of U.S. demand for TV series, while 27.4% of audience attention goes to originals from other platforms.

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Parrot also found:

  • Disney is in second place in overall demand for original children’s content.
  • Disney+ and Hulu originals accounted for five of the six most in-demand new series released in the U.S. in the last quarter.
  • Disney+ accounted for four of the 10 most in-demand digital original series with both U.S. and worldwide audiences last quarter. 

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