Parks: 60% of TV Viewing in Broadband Homes is On-Demand

Parks: 60% of TV Viewing in Broadband Homes is On-Demand

Nearly 60% of TV viewing in broadband homes is on-demand, non-linear content. Just over 25% of viewing by consumers ages 18 to 34 is live, including pay-TV, broadcast and live-streaming, according to new data from Parks Associates.

Among viewers who watch live broadcasts, 17% use an online video service such as CBS All Access, Univision Now or PlutoTV. That percentage jumps to 30% among viewers age 35 and older.

“Live TV is far from dead, but on-demand sources are claiming an increasingly large portion of viewing,” senior analyst Brett Sappington said in a statement.

The analyst contends that despite the onslaught of online TV and over-the-top video, viewers often remain loyal to habits they grew up with – including watching live linear TV.

The highest average consumption of linear TV content is among married respondents at 7.8 hours per week. The highest average consumption of non-linear TV content is among unmarried respondents living with a partner at 13.1 hours weekly.

“Interestingly, consumers who have never had pay-TV (i.e. cord nevers) still spend about one-third of their TV viewing time watching live content, primarily from over-the-air TV channels,” Sappington said. “They also spend almost half as much time watching video on a TV overall as do average broadband households.”


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