Paramount: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Tops ‘Titanic’ as Studio’s Highest-Grossing First-Run Domestic Release

Paramount Pictures is touting Top Gun: Maverick’s first-run North American box office as surpassing the initial run of Titanic to give it the studio’s highest-grossing domestic release in its 110-year history. With more than $604 million in North American box office through July 13, Top Gun: Maverick has passed the $600.78 million tally from Titanic‘s initial 1997-98 box office run.

It should be noted that Titanic‘s total domestic box office haul is $659.4 million following several re-releases in the past 25 years, the biggest in 2012 when it was converted into 3D. In addition, the initial 1997 domestic box office gross would be worth $1.1 billion today due to an average inflation rate of 2.48% per year.

Regardless, the milestone comes on the heels of Paramount Pictures dominating the box office in the first half of 2022. The studio is currently No. 1 in domestic box office so far for the year, with nearly $1.04 billion in cumulative gross and over 24% of the market share — the studio’s best year since 2014.

“For 110 years, Paramount Pictures has produced and distributed some of the most iconic films in Hollywood history, including the all-time classic Titanic, which marks its 25th anniversary this year,” Brian Robbins, CEO of Paramount Pictures, said in a statement. “Top Gun: Maverick is a phenomenal motion picture, and we take deep pride in celebrating this tremendous achievement alongside Tom Cruise, our filmmakers and cast, our marketing and distribution teams, and, of course, all the new and original Top Gun fans, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Internationally, the studio reports Top Gun: Maverick has grossed $595.6 million for a global total of $1.208 billion (through July 15), while continuing its run in theaters around the world.

Maverick is also Paramount’s highest-grossing film globally, surpassing 2014’s Transformers: Age of Extinction. (Titanic earned $2.2 billion globally, but international distribution was handled by 20th Century Fox as part of a co-financing deal.)

Top Gun: Maverick is produced by Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Directed by Joseph Kosinski from a screenplay by Ehren Kruger and Eric Warren Singer and Christopher McQuarrie, story by Peter Craig and Justin Marks, and based on characters created by Jim Cash & Jack Epps, Jr., the film stars Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm along with Ed Harris and Val Kilmer.

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