‘Panther,’ ‘Ski Patrol,’ ‘5-25-77’ Due on Disc Nov. 22 From MVD

The drama Panther and the comedies Ski Patrol and 5-25-77 are being released on disc Nov. 22 from MVD Entertainment Group.

Panther (1995) is being released on Blu-ray in the MVD Marquee Collection. Set in Oakland, Calif., in 1968, the film follows the Black Panthers, led by Huey Newton (Marcus Chong, The Matrix) and Bobby Seale (Courtney B. Vance, The Preacher’s Wife), who have armed themselves and are ready to fight for freedom. To the people, they’re heroes, but to the FBI they’re Public Enemy No. 1. The Feds will do everything they can — on the right or wrong side of the law — to bring them down. Written by filmmaker and author Melvin Van Peebles (Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song) based on his own novel and directed by Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City, Posse), Panther stars include Kadeem Hardison (Drive), Bokeem Woodbine (Queen & Slim), Joe Don Baker (GoldenEye), Angela Bassett (Black Panther), Chris Tucker (Rush Hour), Chris Rock (The Longest Yard), James Le Gros (Guncrazy), M. Emmet Walsh (Blood Simple), Robert Culp (“I Spy”), James Russo (Django Unchained), Bobby Brown (Ghostbusters II) and Tyrin Turner (Menace II Society).

Ski Patrol (1990) is being released on Blu-ray in the MVD Rewind Collection. In the film, the lease on the Snowy Peaks Lodge, a popular ski resort, is up for renewal and its owner Pops (Ray Walston, Fast Times at Ridgemont High) has no worries about signing a new lease. Despite his Ski Patrol, an out-of-control group of skiers led by Jerry (Roger Rose, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) and Iceman (T.K. Carter, John Carpenter’s The Thing), the resort has an impeccable safety record. However, a devious land developer (Martin Mull, Clue) has other plans in mind for the resort and hires the talents of a young blonde named Lance (Corby Timbrook, The Glass Shield) to undermine the Ski Patrol’s efforts to keep the slopes safe. Extraordinary aerial stunts, impressive snowboarding, and an incredible downhill showdown all add to the excitement as the Ski Patrol does their best to save Pop’s Mountain. The supporting case includes Leslie Jordan (“Will & Grace”), Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), Stephen Hytner (“Seinfeld”) and comedian George Lopez (“George Lopez”).

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The comedy 5-25-77 (2021) is being released on Blu-ray and DVD from MVD Visual. Set during the spring of 1977, the film follows sci-fi obsessed teenager Pat Johnson (John Francis Daley, Game Night, “Freaks and Geeks”), who finds himself torn between making 8mm sequels to his favorite movies and pursuing the girl of his dreams Linda (Emmi Chen, Normal). Desperate to help her son escape his likely future in Wadsworth, Ill., (population 750), his mother Janet (Colleen Camp, Wayne’s World) cold-calls the editor of American Cinematographer magazine and Pat soon finds himself on “the ultimate trip” to Hollywood, becoming the very first outsider to see the film that would change him (and movies) forever — Star Wars. But when Pat returns to his hometown existence, he struggles to choose between chasing a seemingly impossible dream and accepting the comforting familiarity of home. Produced by Gary Kurtz (Star Wars: A New Hope, American Graffiti), Fred Roos (The Godfather Part II, St. Vincent) and Leigh Jones (Here Alone) and written and directed by Patrick Read Johnson (Dragonheart, Angus), the heartfelt true story-based film features a supporting cast that includes Austin Pendleton (My Cousin Vinny) and Neil Flynn (Mean Girls) along with an original score by David E. Russo (“Gotham”, Sin City) with additional themes and songs by rock musician Alan Parsons (“The Alan Parsons Project”). Special features on Blu-ray include audio commentary with writer/director Patrick Read Johnson, moderated by Seth Gaven, founder of the A.V. Squad and editor of the film Spaced Invaders; a Q&A from the 2013 Fantasia Film Festival with director Patrick Read Johnson; three theatrical trailers; and three photo galleries.

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