Panasonic Bows New Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Players

Panasonic Bows New Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Players

Panasonic has unveiled four new Ultra HD Blu-ray players offering support for Dolby Vision and/or HDR10+, the royalty-free metadata high dynamic range platform co-created by Samsung, Fox and Panasonic.

The players – revealed at a Los Angeles press conference prior to CES 2018 – include the latest generation HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience) processors (developed at Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory) and voice control technology through Amazon Alexa and Google Assist AI.

Models DP-UB320, DP-UB330, DP-UB420 and DP-UB820 feature Ultra HD Premium certification through the Ultra HD Alliance specifications.

The HCX processor reportedly reproduces Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K streamed video images with optimal brightness. The players can also convert full HD to 4K resolution.

The HDR10+ supported UB820 and UB420 models add dynamic metadata technology to the basic HDR10 for claimed superior color, tone mapping and highlights on a scene-by-scene basis.

For HDTVs without HDR, players include standard dynamic range conversion, which claims to reproduce video images with superior brightness than Blu-ray Disc.

The new UHD Blu-ray players are slated to begin shipping in the spring. Prices haven’t been disclosed.

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