OTT.X Launches Impact Awards, Appoints New Board Members

OTT.X, the industry trade association supporting the OTT streaming ecosystem, will host and deliver the first OTT.X Impact Awards at the annual OTT.X @Digital Media Pipeline event Dec. 10.

OTT.X was formerly the Entertainment Merchants Association.

Awards will be given to OTT streaming producers and distributors for content that “most inspires positive action and promotes acceptance of, and equality for, all people,” according to the group. Content awards will be made for the most impactful full-length movie, short title and series across major and independent producer segments. Most impactful innovation will also be recognized for the technical, user-experience or platform innovation judged to have the most impact on the OTT industry.

“OTT.X stands proudly in support of the Black community and in solidarity with all who oppose and seek to negate racism, prejudice, hatred and exclusion,” said Mark Fisher, OTT.X president and CEO, in a statement. “The goal of the Impact Awards is to recognize achievement for content and innovation in the OTT industry that makes a positive difference in the world. As distributors and creators of audio-visual content enjoyed by millions around the world, our industry has the power to educate and inspire. We’re excited about recognizing underrepresented artists, innovators and producers that use this power to inspire positive change and promote acceptance of and equality for all people.”

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To qualify for nomination, content must premiere on an OTT channel or platform, maintain exclusive availability via OTT distribution and be available in the United States for at least three weeks. The qualifying period is the twelve-months ended August 31, 2020. Nominations open Sept. 1 and close Oct. 11. Candidates for each award will be announced Nov. 2 with winners being awarded Dec. 10 at the Impact Awards Ceremony. All candidates and award winners will be determined by the Impact Awards Selection Committee, the members of which are approved by the OTT.X board of directors.

Additional information will be made available on the OTT.X site in the coming weeks.

Jill Allen

In other news, OTT.X has appointed four new board members in line with its expanded scope, effective immediately. They are Sony Pictures Entertainment, represented by Jill Allen, SVP of digital distribution; Here Media, represented by Paul Colichman, CEO; Vizio, represented by Katherine Pond, VP of strategic partnerships; and Xumo, represented by Anthony Layser, VP of content partnerships and programming. The directors will serve until the annual OTT.X organizational board meeting in mid-2023.

“These new companies on the OTT.X board of directors will add to its effectiveness,” Fisher said in a statement. “Each director brings an important perspective, and their wealth of experience will benefit the membership as OTT.X continues to be the forum for the OTT industry.”

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